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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

What are emotional crises?

It is a state of mental imbalance, in which the person feels unable to get out of it with the resources that he usually uses. Mood swings and ease of "going off the hook" in the face of negative and unforeseen events is common. Today's emotional crises have their roots in difficult situations that occurred in our past, which were not completely resolved.

Symptoms such as anger, physical aggression or even self-harm can happen. Work overload, the end of a relationship or some family disagreement can be the causes or the aggravating factor of this situation.

Negative triggers, generators of emotional suffering such as sadness, fear, insecurity, anguish, anxiety, fragility... physical symptoms such as pain, organ dysfunctions, illnesses in general negative, discouraging, weakening, paralyzing thoughts trigger the feeling of fragility that lies ahead. behind emotional crises.

This is how the interpretation about ourselves is born, based on how we feel at that moment, when we were not able to resolve that situation, that is: weak impotent, insecure incapable, fragile to this ``interpretation`` of our capacity.

We also call this a personal belief, remembering that a personal belief is not necessarily a truth, but an `ʻinterpretation`` made at that time, by the person we were at that moment, in that specific context.

It is increasingly full of people who feel frustrated, uncomfortable, unmotivated and incapable of personal, family, professional fulfillment and one of the big reasons is related to emotions. Unbalanced people present constant mood swings and lose control even in the face of normal situations.

Feeling of emotional fragility is a great cause, for that I will help you with important steps to move forward on this journey.

1st understand that each one reacts in a way and each one shows feelings in a way. So don't be hard on yourself, treat yourself with respect, gratitude, love. Allow yourself, take a paper and relate, things, people and actions that you satisfaction, desire and pleasure. Allow yourself, call or send a message to people, delivering relationships of affection, affection, appreciation and values.

2nd know the external stimuli that generate feelings, sensations and thoughts that annihilate your ability to solve the situations in your life, generating negative triggers.

3nd set aside an hour a day to do something that you enjoy. Every human being needs to nourish his caressing system so that he has the energy to take a step forward. External positive stimuli that generate pleasant and nourishing feelings are: ex... a song, a smell, a place, a photo and any movement.

Let's go, there's a lot of transformation to happen and it's up to you to take the first step.

Diana Ceolin is a Post-Graduate Teaching Social Worker in Public Health and Family Health, Master in Social Gerontology and columnist for Portal Gente Mais

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