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And speaking of best practices

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

“If it was good advice, it was not given, it would be sold” obviously the number of people “selling” advice under the name of consultancy has increased exponentially.

“If it was good advice, it was not given, it would be sold” obviously the number of people “selling” advice under the name of consultancy has increased exponentially. This is no different when we talk about good business practices, for each individual who asks, depending on their area of ​​activity, the answer will be different, someone from compliance will certainly have a very different view than the sales people, not meaning that none of them are wrong.

When the topic is People in Companies, good practices have an infinity of actions, but I would like to talk about 5, which I think are the most important and which, incredibly, are not so common, even in companies that are well present in the top 100 of the market.

And here we go:

They treat employees well, offering adequate salaries and attractive benefits

The end of an employee's bargain is his performance and effort. Yours is the work environment and pay. If you don't deliver, neither do they. If you commit to giving as much as you can, your people will reflect that back to you.

"If your company does a good job retaining its employees, you will develop employer advocates who will become positive internal influences and community champions for your organization."

Your people are your army on the battlefield of business. Don't expect to win many battles armed with spears (a mediocre workforce) while your competition is armed with machine guns (exceptional employees). If you can't see the value of that investment, then good luck trying to conquer the world with a few puny spears.

They have a core group of key people who have been with the company for a long time.

Innovation is a very debatable topic when we are talking about people with a long time in the company, as employees who have been with the company for many years have considerable knowledge of the company's culture and its products and services. They have gone through many changes in the workplace and consequently understand what works and what doesn't. In performing their day-to-day roles, they develop a strong knowledge base, which can result in greater productivity if they are in the right place and, moreover, have been trained to change whenever necessary, they can be a support system. invaluable for new employees and absorption of new technologies.

They emphasize training, both in new technologies and in employee development.

Empowering people has always been the formula for success for big companies, even when they weren't big. Investing in the right training, compared to what is necessary for the growth and development of your business, will certainly give your company a prominent place. In the past, the technologies of the future were distant, today, the sooner you test and put something new to work, the greater the chances of success, so have people thinking about the new and enable them to do so. People empowered to learn create the new world we see every day. A practice will never be more efficient than training, training and training.

Stay focused and know what they do well.

Look at people beyond resumes. Having a “beyond the strategic” plan is looking at what your business can do in addition to what it does and what the people who are there can do in addition to what they have always done in a curricular way. People from operations in human resources, from accounting in operations and so follow the various changes that I have seen around. Understand what your team is capable of doing again, create innovation committees that can go beyond what they already do today and you will see your business reinvented at a speed you never imagined.

Recognize when new technology can pay off and don't be afraid to jump into advanced but unknown technology.

New technologies have always found “frowned brows” in companies, comments like “Who already uses it?”, “Will we be guinea pigs?” or “Let the technology mature” was what was most often heard. Nowadays, adhering to new technologies and systems can mean getting ahead of your competition or offering your internal audience a tool that makes work easier. This has been so true that tools for personal use on cell phones are becoming popular with incredible speed, provided they are easy and common, of course! Have channels to test new technologies and, above all, listen to the market, without judgment, because you will see many things that certainly have no application for your business, but you would be surprised at what is out there!

Could be so much more...

Fabian Seabra,Human Resources Manager and Columnist Gente Mais

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