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Career Transition – unknown to many or not?

For many years working in companies I was able to observe the behavior of people in relation to their job, their work activity. I say this, because few established a deadline of dedication and competence with excellent results to claim a horizontal or vertical growth in their careers and, if there were no possibilities, of course they checked the market in search of new professional challenges.

The company often admits excellent professionals but there is no room for their development and in a short time they lose all the investment and have to start over from ZERO, which is regrettable. We said it was BOEINGS descending on the Field of Mars or uncomfortable to land, stay and take off, right?

Others, even dissatisfied, do not have the initiative to seek their professional fulfillment and prefer to remain in the company and in some cases, criticism of the company, structure, manager, benefits, working conditions, salary, etc.

Of course, when I'm not satisfied and I remain in this state of complacency and lethargy, the physical and emotional part are affected, especially in this pandemic. Years go by and there is no movement or motivation to identify new opportunities that bring me pleasure and satisfaction.

Then there is the dismissal that takes him by surprise, he is shocked, with anxiety, depression, downcast, sad, distressed, low esteem, criticizing the company that fired him, when in reality this professional should assess how much his lack of initiative has harmed him.

Always two eyes, one for the company and the opportunities and the other for the job market. We always have to work with deadlines for our growth and manage our Professional Career objectively and not get caught up in the vices of unwanted permanence.

I receive many candidates, because I work with Job Hunter, that is, right after the dismissal, they look for us for Career Transition. Some without the slightest possibility of facing Selection Processes, but rather take care of their physical and mental health first and after recovering from the trauma of a dismissal, identify new opportunities in the job market.

Take care of your Professional Career, don't delegate your growth and results to any company, it's your first project and the first big decision of your life.

Wake up while there's time and get to work - SUCCESS

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter at Pedro Morbach Training and Events Ltd, Motivational Speaker and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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