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Champion Goal receipt

Speak Champion!

I have already crossed 1000 clients served and I was able to help them achieve their goals, whether they are people or professionals.

Having a well-designed goal will help you save time, money and energy.

Knowing where you want to go is the basics, but to accomplish a great goal, it goes far beyond having clarity of what you want.

I bring you today the tool that I use with my students and that will help you to set powerful goals and you can also share this tool with your team.

In all my columns, I will always bring a practical tool for you to put into action and get results in the next few weeks, because I understood that there is no point in writing great articles without being able to help you on a daily basis.

Let's go to the tool:

1. Champion Goal: what is the goal you are going to accomplish? The goal needs to be specific, relevant, that is, it needs to be important to you and especially have a date, for example: increase revenue by 20% by 11/25/2022. Specific target and date.

2. Competency: It is important that you write down 3 skills that you already have and are good and also 3 skills that you need to learn or improve that will help you to accomplish the goal.

3. Powerful, strategic and intelligent actions: You will always see me speaking in this format of actions: powerful, strategic and intelligent. People's mistake is to put 150 shares in a plan. When you do this, our brain gets lost and wonders “WHERE DO I BEGIN?”, so have between 3 and 5 actions that you putting into practice will have more results. I always use a phrase “ONE WELL DONE ACTION IS WORTH MORE THAN 10 WELL DONE ACTIONS”.

4. Support: Who will be the people or person who will help you achieve this goal? Nobody accomplishes a goal alone, we need to have people to help us.

5. Model someone: When we are inspired by someone, it facilitates the achievement of the goal. We can model their attitudes, strategies and even habits of this person. The cool thing is that it models someone who has already arrived where you want to go, because it makes the journey easier.

I'm sure that if you apply this tool, you will reach the top of the podium and achieve your goal.

Want to know more about my mentorships and lectures?

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My mission is to put you and your company at the top of the Podium.

Alvaro Adam is a Professional High Performance Specialist and columnist for Portal Gente Mais.

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