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I notice that the people who take care of the public cleaning service, on the street where I live, are all cheerful, easy to get along with, play a lot, have fun, tell stories, always available, capricious, high spirits.

And their work is heavy, dirty and requires a lot of effort and physical preparation, they walk and run a lot after the truck, conquering the streets and, there is the meritocracy. Attend the collection. The GOOD MORNING is accompanied by a wide smile. I wonder why this behavior cannot be present in our daily lives in companies. I always visit companies and it starts with the reception service with smiles, attention, ability to help and serve, formal or informal, interest in solving problems, agile, polite, using the words of Good Education, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night, Well no thanks mr. accept a coffee, a water, make yourself comfortable, we have a magazine that talks about Nossa Empresa, Mr. do you want her? It's ideal, isn't it?

It draws attention when people from the company pass by the reception who do not always serve well, and do not greet those waiting there and others just look without saying anything and often have a closed face, apparently upset, with monosyllabic answers. We left after the service taking an impression of how we were welcomed and attended to.

Do these unhealthy behaviors deserve special attention from the company with its image, of course. I was very lucky in the companies I worked for, I remember and, as many of you remember, ROSINDA SILVESTRE, who had a “10” conduct there in Aços Villares and in the Group as a whole. He was concerned with serving well, kind, polite, discreet, agile and very professional... This image passed on to everyone who visits us portrays how the people who work there like and are happy in the environment. Joy, well-being, healthy relationships are good for health, just watch when we wake up and, we are grateful because we go to work and in the afternoon, satisfied, we return to our house, waiting for the new day at work.

In this environment we spend most of our day and, if it is relaxed, light, everyone will win. Liking the environment and what we do makes all the difference in our health and well-being. The COMPANY thanks you. All those who visit us deserve our respect, our thanks, as we are currently their representatives. Think about it.

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter’ and Motivational Speaker, works at Pedro Morbach Training and Events and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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