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Checklist of champion sellers

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

In all types of businesses there are sellers. Selling means increasing a company's revenue. Now... what would the Champion Salesperson profile be?

I'll bring you a checklist that I use to show what sellers need to have:

1- Hit goals.

It is very important to set goals and make strategies and actions to fulfill them... This is what true champion salespeople do! They never give up until they hit the targets, and a champion salesperson, hits the target and doubles the target.

2- Are ambitious

Having ambition to conquer new things and this contributes a lot to the issue of willpower... Ask yourself what you are going to do when you reach the goal, it motivates.

3- Are active

They are active, they are always attentive to the job market, innovations and changes. They are professionals who seek to study to sharpen their axe.

4- Know how to ask powerful questions.

Powerful questions are essential for good results, and champion salespeople know exactly the powerful questions to ask.

5- Delight your customer.

Salespeople who delight their customers, whether with their smile, enthusiasm or something specific that the customer likes. They are always polite and pay attention to what the customer says.

6- Do the After Sales.

Doing the After Sales is one of the most fundamental parts. When the seller does the After Sales correctly, he captivates the customer even more and ensures that he makes new purchases. After-sales shows that you care about the quality of your delivery and your customer's satisfaction.

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Álvaro Adam, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker and Columnist Gente Mais

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