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From Manager to Leader – The necessary transition to achieve High Performance

What differentiates a boss from a leader? The attitudes!

Leaders need to broaden the perception of their roles, improve performance, develop their teams, engage, encourage teamwork, be guided by values ​​and fulfill themselves in their careers.

Almost everyone dreams of being a Manager. Few people prepare for this.

It works something like this: One day, because you are a person of great trust from the board or a superior, you receive an invitation to take over an area. The initial concern is: Am I prepared for this?

Of course! The concern is: How much will they pay me more for this.

From that day forward you believe you are the last cookie in the package.

The Cause of the problem is in the EGO. Something that pushes us away at our best. Something that separates us from people. Something that hinders us in seeking self-development.

“Leadership is not about titles, positions or hierarchies. It is a life that influences another” – John C. Maxwell.

There was a city where everyone was happy. The inhabitants lived in harmony and everything worked very well. The prison was empty, the courtroom was hardly used and the notary's office was a loss, since words were worth more than paper.

But, tired of the situation, the mayor invited the population of the city to attend the inauguration of a monument he had ordered built in the central square. In the midst of the solemnity, the fences were removed and, right there, in front of everyone, a great gallows appeared!

People then began to wonder, “Why would that gallows be there?”

With fear and mistrust, they began to seek justice to settle causes that they had previously resolved by mutual agreement. They began to turn to the notary to register documents because the pledged word no longer carried so much weight. And in fear of the law, they returned to fear the leaders and authorities.

Legend has it that the gallows was never used, but its presence was enough to change everything.

The solution is not how people see you, but how you see people.

The easiest thing in the world is to become a manager.

The hardest thing in the world is to be admired as a leader.

High performance is built on the foundation of trust.

See if these tips below, if in any way, can help you become a leader even more admired by your co-workers:

1) Don't blame anyone for the result of your team, you are responsible for the situation they are in, so seek help, seek to develop new skills in each new situation;

2) See behind what others do not see, that is, seek to look beyond the obvious;

3) Know about the dreams of your team members, because there will be the basis for them to perform well;

4) Create bonds that transcend giving orders, create bonds of trust and commitment.

5) Put the right person in the right place. Without it, there is no way for the team to perform well.

But be careful:

Along the way you will be tested, criticized, put to the test.

And how to get through all this?

Taking actions congruent with who you are.

At this point I want to ask you a few questions:

Who are you?

What kind of leader do you want to be?

What is still missing?

How do you choose to develop these new skills?

Although these seem like simple questions, I ask you to think before answering. If the answer came too easily, chances are it won't help you at all.

Look around and realize that there are many lives that can depend on you. Lives that may be seeing you as a competitor. They may be seeing your darkest side. It's not their fault, it's yours. So reflect:

What do you choose to do differently?

Tatiane Souza is the founder of Gente Mais Consulting and Training and FabrikaProductions and Events.. President and founder of the Far Beyond Cinderelas Institute. Speaker, mentor, coach and columnist for Gente Mais.

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