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GMSEG conducts NR-33 training in Jaú

GMSEG specializes in training and recycling in the Regulatory Norms of the Ministry of Labour.

Throughout the day, the employees of Grupo Águas de Jahu received the GMSEG instructor for a training day on NR-33 with a Confined Space, Worker and Watchman approach.

Located in the city of Jaú, in the interior of SP, employees participated in in-company training, having both theoretical and practical training in the organization itself, a facilitator at the time of learning, since employees can simulate in practice the techniques and security measures that may eventually take place during the day to day work.

What is the purpose of a Regulatory Standard?

With the objective of offering safety to the worker in his work environment, the Regulatory Norms (NRs) of the Ministry of Labor corroborate the safety and prevention of work accidents and occupational diseases.

Instructing employees to follow safety standards is essential in an organization, since, when the employee is protected, the company is safer and becomes a reference in the promotion and quality of work offered, in addition to avoiding the creation of fines due non-compliance with training and recycling, thus guaranteeing the legal security of their assets.

GMSEG can help you!

The Occupational Safety Engineering in partnership with Occupational Medicine has today a great concern to solve all the problems encountered within the companies, referring to safety and hygiene. For the efficient performance of a team, it is essential that all workers receive training, aiming to make them aware that safety at work must be a daily habit and not a duty to be fulfilled. The Regulatory Norms (NRs) were created from Law No. 6,514 of 1977, they are requirements and procedures related to Occupational Safety and Medicine. These rules govern private, public and government agencies that have employees through the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLTs). Failure to comply with the legal and regulatory provisions on occupational safety and medicine will result in the employer applying the penalties provided for in the relevant legislation.

Gente Mais works with the training and recycling of the 37 regulatory standards existing in the Ministry of Labor, which can be carried out in person or digital format, according to the MT update.

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Thayná Fogaça, communication director at Gente Mais Consultoria e Formação.


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