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Greater productivity through emotional intelligence

Daniel Golemam, psychologist Author of Emotional Intelligence, says 80% of people's success is related to their Emotional Intelligence. Therefore, I come to make the following reflection: How many times do we make hasty, inappropriate, incorrect decisions, either by the strength of the EGO, or by the lack of awareness. Probably countless people you know have had this experience. But Diana, in a practical way, how can I work on my emotional intelligence and make better use of it?

1nd, a movement of self-knowledge is necessary. A daily exercise and a challenging practice, because looking inside yourself is not an easy skill. It is something that messes with feelings, actions. Self-knowledge is the ability to recognize one's feelings and use it to make decisions that result in personal satisfaction.

2nd, manage emotions. Ability to control impulses, anxiety or the direction of anger, in the right measure and time.

3nd: Self-Motivation - Sebum in the shins daily. Feed the mind with positive thoughts and focus on solving problems.

4nd: empathy- ability to imagine in the other person's shoes, understand and perceive unverbalized feelings.

5nd: art of relationship - the ability to deal with the emotions of others, interacting with sensitivity.

Well, we all spend 80% of the day in emotions, so it's easy to understand where you should and how you should reach the other person so that they can have greater resolution in their decisions.

Therefore, the next step of our life takes place from our decision. Follow or stay in your comfort zone and stay as you are, or move to generate healthy conflict and move forward.

Happiness is an important key for making the decisions of our paths.

Let's go together that success is yours. Happiness makes you a great human being.

Diana Ceolin é Palestrante, Mentora, Empresária, Funcionária Pública e Colunista do Portal Gente Mais.

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