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HR | DP: Should I not be concerned with the area of ​​Labor Law?

When I worked right at the beginning of my professional career in the Personnel Department, I kept asking myself why we didn't act preventively so that labor lawsuits didn't become a reality.

I never had this answer, in fact, I had an answer, when they told me that when paying a Legal Office, the responsibility became Theirs and not the Company that hired them.

Omission? Yes, because prevention is part of the work of the Personnel Department or not? According to Dr. Odair Marcondes, a reference in the labor legal area and who was for many years Human Resources Manager in large business groups, this attitude is compatible with what he thinks and practices, as this attitude will reduce costs and allow us to anticipate the facts.

Many will say that they do not carry out this work, as it is the responsibility of labor lawyers, is it? We create a constant and open communication channel, acting within the current legislation and, following all the changes that happen, giving as an example the labor reform, they are of course part of our day to day.

The cost of work transferred to law firms can be reduced if we assume our role as administrators of labor relations. Of course, there are cases in which a specialized legal office can act due to the complexity of the process, but I see that in many cases the solution can be homemade with preventive action.

This interest and study of labor legislation can open a new line of action for the Personnel Department professional.

Let's think about it very carefully.

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter, Motivational Speaker, works at Pedro Morbach Training and Events and columnist for Gente Mais Portal


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