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This question is based on an article I read recently where a Human Resources Manager candidate for a position in a company was interviewed by the CEO and asked a question: What was the goal and expectation regarding HR and the CEO's response it was the payroll.

The candidate politely thanked him and left disappointed, although he needed the job, of course he was thinking of a proposal that would allow him to develop and a challenging work program. There are many similar cases in our area. Are there no other concerns besides payroll, charges, etc? Reducing payroll means, in many cases, reducing wages, benefits, labor, outsourcing services and sectors without the certainty that the switch will be worth it, and many other decisions. This type of company that does not have a strategic vision, of the market and, adopts the stagnation, lack of courage of its biggest Leader is doomed to failure.

I think that when we have an executive with a progressive, innovative, strategic, entrepreneurial vision, looking at the market and implementing modern practices and techniques in people management, payroll concerns disappear. Pay well, hire competent professionals who will make a difference, invest in development, take care of the permanence of these professionals through humanized, differentiated and meritocracy policies, providing freedom of action with the achievement or surpassing of goals or results, releasing all the necessary resources to the good performance of the activities, the result will be a reality in a matter of time. We will only have quality products if we have professionals prepared to develop the technology that the product requires.

Of course, there will be competition in the market, but the company will be prepared to face these challenges because its base will be solid, with a defined structure, supported by a healthy climate with the commitment of its group of employees to the objectives defined in the letter of principles that guide the organization. Thinking big, daring, being bold and focused are items for those who undertake and want to grow. Make HR the protagonist. Think about it.

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter, Motivational Speaker, working at PEDRO MORBACH Training and Events Ltd and columnist for Portal Gente Mais.

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