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Human Resources, Managers and 2030

I have seen and read many articles that talk about the profile of companies and professionals until the year 2030. 85% of the activities carried out today will no longer exist and, realize it is only nine years. Dizzying changes await us and are already being felt. I remember that some companies have coffee with the President as a policy, a commendable initiative, although few companies adopt them.

I would like, instead of going to the President's office, for Him to come to my place of work and, there, be able to comment, in addition to getting to know me and my team, the details of our personal, professional and academic lives. and our concern for tomorrow, that is: where is the Company heading? What threats do you face?

What changes will occur in the short and medium term and which will require us to take another stance to successfully face them? What careers are coming and others being eliminated? How are we facing the competition? How should I align my goals with the company's goals and be an important part of this new world we are living in? Many other questions could be asked and, I believe that the impact would be fantastic and would cause admiration, for the accessible leadership, for the initiative, reception, motivation, recognition, appreciation, in addition to giving us the opportunity to act on a reality that does not exist for many professionals who work for today and are unaware of tomorrow for various reasons.

When I comment on these initiatives, I cannot fail to include the Managers below the President, who is also committed to providing guidance on what is and will be happening in the short and medium term. Of course, if you don't know, seek the information, update and advise us. Is that too much to ask? Of course not. The new world demands agility, updated information and preventive planning so that we are not spectators but active participants in these rapid changes in our lives.

Reflecting, acting, guiding and reaping the benefits for successful strategic planning is what experts recommend, how about it?

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter at Pedro Morbach Training and Events Ltd, Motivational Speaker and Columnist at Gente Mais Portal.


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