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Human scanner

Working with people is really a huge challenge. Understanding human behavior is a differential when you manage people.

And then Alvaro, how to read people?

There is a psychologist named Alfred Adler who studied a lot of human behavior and understood that over time, people developed some kind of power that he perceived to be the powers: destruction, controller, victim and cooperator.

How to understand each profile and help these people?

Destroying profile: is that person who in their childhood, from conception to 6 months, did not feel accepted. The father wanted a girl and a boy came. The mother gave it up for adoption or even had a miscarriage attempt. This child understands that he is not well and the world is not well. As if it were a -/-. She is less and the world is less. A classic phrase from a destructive person is “THIS WILL NOT WORK”. In this case, the manager needs to make that person feel that they belong in the group and give unconditional praise that is for what the person is (kind, generous, cheerful).

Controlling profile: is that person who in childhood, from 6 months to approximately 2 and a half years, did not feel loved and welcomed by their parents. She learned to fend for herself. She is fine, but the world is not fine, and we call it +/-. He is an insecure, suspicious person who does not trust himself or others. He is a person who thinks he is superior to others. Try to be centralized. To deal with such a collaborator you need to give unconditional praise, for what he is, because as he did not receive affection in childhood, in this case you will give this affection in adult life.

Victim profile: is that person who, in childhood from 3 to 6 years old, parents over protected that child. I heard a lot that the world was dangerous or even the parents did much more than the child asked. In this case she is not well and the world is well, ie -/+. He is a person who thinks he is inferior to others. In this case you manager should give conditional praise, for what the person does (wow how you did a great report).

Cooperating profile: is that child who was accepted, loved and given autonomy. It is that adult who cooperates and helps in building the company. Your position is +/+, I'm fine and the world is fine.

So the challenge for the manager is to change a -/- person to +/+, a +/- person to +/+ and a -/+ person to +/+.

Seeking everyone to be collaborative during the journey.

I'm sure this content will help you a lot to manage more effectively.

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Alvaro Adam is a Specialist in Professional High Performance and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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