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Not always, because the areas of activity, decide and communicate the HR after a fait accompli, isn't it?

When working in companies, I had the opportunity to question to what extent HR could manage internal conflicts. Of course, there was negotiation on the union side and HR represented the Company with data and strategies.

However, internally, in the areas of activity, many conflicts were only known after the fait accompli, that is, resignation or resignation, which made any possibility of intervention for the peaceful solution of the disagreement unfeasible. Today, according to statistics, we have a high number of dismissals due to behavioral problems of unprepared managers/leaders and of employees who do not suit the style of these leaders, as well as the difficulty of the employee with individual problems in adapting to the company and the work group, aggravating up in this post pandemic.

Why not turn to HR who has all the tools and experience to manage and solve these situations? The cost of dismissal, rework in new hires, training, adaptation would be avoided, since all hiring is a risk, time for recruitment, selection and approval, etc... If the areas use HR preventively, many of the problems cited could be resolved in a negotiated manner to the advantage of all.

HR can and should assume this role and be the interlocutor between employees and their leaders. Managers/Leaders, before making final decisions, can use an area of ​​service provision that is HR, do they know that it can be offered and suggested? I believe that many are unaware that this service is available.

In this negotiation, there may be a transfer, promotion, agreement on the method of work and collection of results, elimination of frictions with a good approach and understanding, a trimming of edges on behaviors and many other points, of course always evaluating the interests and reason for the disagreements. Complaints about leaders often occur due to promotions carried out without proper evaluations, not always an excellent technician will be an inspiring leader.

Caution is the keyword, and training becomes fundamental for effective in the position. Reflect to promote and evaluate the behavioral aspects of those who are hired, avoiding waste of cost and time.


Pedro Morbach, is Head and Job Hunter, Motivational Speaker, working at PEDRO MORBACH Training and Events LTDA and colunist at Gente Mais Portal.

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