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Let's talk about career transition?

Anyone who knows me knows: I am passionate about entrepreneurship and personal development. Talking about purpose and being able to help people occupy places that make sense for their lives is what moves me.

Therefore, I think it is essential, whenever possible, to address career transition and the ways in which it can help you change your life – professionally and personally. This is because, when we are aligned with our goals, all aspects of our daily lives become smoother and more satisfying.

In this sense, one of the main questions I answer in my mentorship is about the right time to invest in the transition: when do I know how to identify opportunities and needs and take advantage of them in the best possible way? Why should I change careers?

And this, as I always say, is a very particular perception of each of us: I, as a professional, help in the project to the extent of your perception of abilities and purposes. During mentorships, I try my best to guide you so that you realize your real goal and, more than that, what separates you from it.

It is not uncommon for my mentees to realize how wrong their initial purposes were after some time of conversation. During our lives, many of us are led to think that, in the professional sphere, the ultimate goal is a good salary: however, part of my mission in career transition is precisely to help you and see beyond. A good relationship with co-workers, professional development and growth, personal satisfaction and other factors are also extremely important and impact your life in other areas.

So, career transition can be a solution to that Sunday night heartache, often associated with the start of a new week in a job that doesn't satisfy you. Your body speaks, and listening to it can be the answer to know if it's time to trade professionally.

And, understand: the professional transaction does not necessarily force you to change companies. Often, in your current environment, there are other opportunities that better suit your purposes and are excellent means for you to reach your ultimate goal. It is also worth emphasizing that once a certain objective has been achieved, it does not mean that you should stop! Our entire existence is shaped by what drives us to move forward, conquering more and more opportunities that arise in the future.

Career transition may be the answer to discontent deeper than you realize. Knowing how to identify the moment to perform it can help you have much more happiness, tranquility and satisfaction in all areas of life. And, for my part, it will be a pleasure to be able to help you on this incredible journey!

Cris Jesus is a Business Consultant and Business Mentor

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