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Lifelong Learning and Leadership

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Have you heard of Lifelong Learning? Lifelong Learning brings the concept that learning is not restricted to specific periods, such as school, college and graduate. It is a concept aligned with the new times, in which it is necessary to learn repeatedly to deal with market and world transformations.

Currently, market changes are increasingly fast and constant. In

In just a few years, the business environment has undergone many transformations. New methodologies, more advanced technologies and various functions appear all the time that did not exist five or ten years ago. Therefore, organizations and leaders need to prepare and support the development of more agile, adaptable and creative employees.

From an individual point of view, continuous learning is essential to maintain an adequate profile for current and future requirements. The professional who improves is more likely to conquer the desired opportunities and results.

For companies, Lifelong Learning is a path for organizational development and for dealing with market changes. Not to mention that, in these new times, the

Knowledge is one of the most important assets.

Among the most relevant points, companies should pay attention to the Lifelong Learner mindset of their leaders. This mental model is fundamental for leaders, as they occupy key positions and lead employees in pursuit of the company's goals. Therefore, they have a decisive impact on the success of the organization.

With this mindset and their example, they strengthen a culture of growth and

continuous development in the company and play an important role for employees to develop in the organization.

The growth mindset is about understanding that instead of gifts, skills can be built, and success achieved with effort. Development, on the other hand, is the preparation of employees throughout their journey in the company, using the most appropriate education solutions at any given moment.

What are the benefits of Lifelong Learning for the company?

1) ensures more qualified employees: the broader a person's knowledge, the more skills are acquired. There is a strong correlation between the ability to solve many different problems and the ease of learning new skills. The willingness to learn will lead employees to be more focused and determined. As a result, they have more confidence to face new and demanding challenges within the team and the company. Employees who engage most in Lifelong learning are often the most productive.

2) improves team spirit: group training ensures that employees study, discuss seeking solutions and spend more time together. Thus, it is natural that they have the chance to get to know each other better. Good interpersonal relationships are very important, ensuring positive and effective communication within each team. Team spirit is an essential component to the success of any project. It is part of the natural union between technical and interpersonal skills, practical knowledge and emotional awareness that lead each individual to be able to give their best and express their full potential.

3) Increases employees' sense of belonging: when a company constantly invests time and money in employees, indirectly they feel more valued. If an employee knows that his employer invests in his professional development and growth, he feels more involved in the company's activities, more secure and, consequently, performs better. Likewise, the feeling of belonging is one of the main elements that helps companies avoid a high turnover rate. An employee who feels attached to the company is much less likely to change jobs than one who does not see their needs valued in the same way.

4) well-being and lifelong learning: there is a correlation between learning and improving people's mental health condition. Learning new skills helps you maintain flow, gives you a sense of purpose, builds your confidence in your skills, and improves your self-esteem. In addition, Lifelong learning helps mental elasticity and can have a powerful anti-aging effect. The brain is a bit like a muscle, and only by training it constantly can an individual be able to keep it healthy and fit. For any company, having employees with a fresh and flexible mind is always important.

5) expand your business opportunities: more than having productive employees and improving personal relationships, with the new knowledge acquired by employees in continuous learning, there is a chance to take advantage of new business opportunities and explore new horizons for the organization. Thus, lifelong learning will drive innovation within the company and new areas of activity may emerge.

And you, your mindset and your lifestyle already follow the practices of lifelong learning? If the application of the theory is still far from your reality, it's time to think about implementing it.

Édila Souza, Executive Educator and Columnist Gente Mais

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