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New Goals Generate New Results

There is a quote attributed to physicist Albert Einstein that is very interesting that says: “Insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results.”

This reality, often experienced over the years, imprisons people and companies to old behaviors and attitudes that make their growth impossible, and as a consequence, limits their results.

The elaboration of clear and specific goals can guide the path to be followed by the company to fulfill its mission. However, it must be clear what goals are. Goals are comprehensive results to which the company makes a definitive commitment. To achieve its goals, the company must be willing to commit the resources (money and people) necessary to achieve the planned results. The goals defined for the company must dictate the business options, guiding the decision process throughout the organization. They must create an indissoluble link between the company and its mission.

By setting goals, it is possible to draw up a consistent action plan and focus on the behaviors that will promote changes. If the limiting factor is self-indulgence, face it. If it's fear, focus on your skills and use your skills to overcome it.

In the elaboration of goals, the participation of all the company's leaders is very important, so they feel committed to them since their elaboration. I see here a mistake that many companies make when they elaborate goals, especially in the short term, in their offices by their directors and simply spew them out to their employees. In this case, there is no employee commitment to the goal, as they often do not even understand it and most of the time these goals are not achieved.

We are entering the last quarter of the year. Many companies are already starting to think and set goals for the next year and commerce in general sets sales goals for Christmas. Make your employees participate in the development of goals and objectives. Allow them to engage in this activity. Only then will he truly commit to achieving them. That way everyone wins, company and employee. Here's the tip

Dirceu Schallenberger is a Mentor, Speaker, Therapeutic Training in Family Constellations, Coaching and Human Development and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.


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