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Old people – Unacceptable Prejudice – Mandatory Respect and Consideration

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Many will say that there is no prejudice, but there is. In the Curriculum the age is not declared and, when it is declared, the candidate is discarded most of the time.

This behavior on the part of companies and some responsible for the interviews is silent in not including the elderly in the selection processes and I do not understand it, because in many cases the elderly have experience, specific training, they have already experienced complex situations in their daily work. , has maturity, responsibility, reliability, commitment and can be a reference and teach, guide and train young people of the current generation to be less eager to acquire content for the development of agile and productive work.

I have often observed seniors being sidelined in technical discussions about a job, project or product while younger people unsuccessfully try to resolve problems/issues. Finally, they asked for guidance from the elderly person who, with a lot of wisdom, patience and a slight smile, solved the problem in a very simple way, as he had already gone through this experience before. Because the elderly cannot have an active voice and be segregated or even forgotten, when they have a whole life dedicated to their company.

It is very uncomfortable to see the lack of respect, the injustice of younger professionals towards older people. In some companies there is indeed admiration, respect and consideration for those who retire. Examples that I experienced professionally drew attention. After the professional's retirement He is invited to sign a contract and for 3 years seeking technology and information in Brazil and abroad for his area of ​​activity in the company. You no longer have the commitment of daily attendance. It's a way for the company to say THANK YOU SO MUCH, CONTINUE TO HELP US. See, they are people who have dedicated their entire lives to the company and feel rewarded with this kind and humane way of ending the employment contract, without trauma or criticism of the company that welcomed them for so long. Have you thought about how many stories to tell, how much contribution, how many examples for everyone.

Young or younger people forget that today they work in the company that was built by these older people who are positive references and respect is fundamental. It has not passed the time, they are in every condition to continue serving, they have a lot to contribute. It is interesting to note that in Europe many executives, upon retiring, work in entities such as the CIME (Intergovernmental Commission on European Migration) providing consultancy to companies around the world in their area of ​​expertise.

In this case, age is not questioned, of course, because if the professional feels good and considers himself productive, why not combine the pleasure of traveling to different countries, being well paid and applying his knowledge and the technology he dominates to companies that they hire him. The elderly are indeed very useful and should be seen with respect, admiration and gratitude for everything they have done professionally for the company. Welcoming you at this stage of life is more than a social obligation, it's a duty. Think about it, We appreciate it.

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter, Motivational Speaker, works at Pedro Morbach Training and Events and is a columnist for Portal Gente Mais

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