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Once Upon a time...

... a young woman determined to discover the answer to a seemingly very simple question: How far can I go?

In the land where she was born, girls and women followed social and moral codes somewhat different from those imposed on boys and men. Having a career, for example, was daring in a society that demanded marriage and children, with full dedication to home and family.

But that young woman, who was not born in a splendid cradle, was never satisfied with the “no's” she heard.

She even dreamed of Prince Charming like other Cinderellas her age, but she wanted more, much more. The prince was an important piece, but only one piece in the jigsaw of her life - not the entire game.

As much as she tried to please her parents, they ended up not really understanding what she wanted. Not even her friends shared the dreams that robbed her of sleep every night.

Unable to explain them, she made plans to carry them out. Any price. Even without the help of a fairy godmother. After all, not every Cinderella has hers.

“If I have the ability to dream, I also have the ability to do it”, he repeated to himself every day in front of the mirror. “And I will conquer everything I can, with my hands, my sweat, my gift. Whatever he is.”

By daring to leave the script written by people she didn't even know, the young woman began to discover the world - hers and other people's.

At first, it was a lot harder than she imagined. Everywhere, she bumped into “stepmothers”, like those in traditional fairy tales. They were greedy and selfish people, men and women, willing to accumulate for their own benefit. It even seems that they took pleasure in stealing the sun's rays - just to make others' days grayer.

At such times, she felt very alone and incapable. In the dark of her room, she shed tears and even thought about giving up. It was asked:

Where to get strength?

How to resist pressure?

Why does it have to be so difficult?

But the power of his dreams was much greater. The next day, she got up ready to fight, to make mistakes, to learn and to grow with every drop of sweat, every tear, every experience. She learned that this is where her strength came from: from within.

And the more she believed in herself,

more she could,

the more she reached.

She also learned that the journey was made even more special when she found someone willing to guide her or help her move barriers, break down walls and build bridges with her. At that moment, the dream became collective, took on another form and became much, much more powerful.

Unlike traditional fairy tales, her trajectory was never a straight line – neither personally nor professionally. She changed jobs and even careers more than once; married twice; begat two sons; he adopted two others in his heart; founded two companies; created an institute; lost count of how many times you revamped the look...

He didn't lack courage to transform himself.

And that courage welled up from the bottom of your soul

and got stronger as

that she knew herself,

that developed,

that was respected.

You know the one thing that never changed?

Your ability to dream and your will to achieve.

After all.

Despite everyone.


With all.

With all.

She continued to carry with her that same certainty she had when she was a girl: nothing is impossible.

Faced with the challenges, she repeated:


In front of.

Cinderella or not,

with prince charming or not,

she had no doubts

that he could get wherever he wanted.

“Life was made to be lived”, he repeated to anyone who would listen, “and this script is up to each one to write and rewrite, as many times as they want, in the way they want”.

And happiness?

Ah, that couldn't be left for the end of the story.

After all, it happens here and now.

Prince Charming has found it and together they make life worth living.😉


First Chapter Book Far Beyond Cinderella.

Tatiane Souza, speaker and columnist Gente Mais

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