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Put your team first and see how they will do their best!

The concept of quality of life comprises the levels of satisfaction that the professional

have in relation to your work environment. How do people spend most of their time

time dedicated to professional activities, the quality of life at work becomes

essential for achieving full realization and increasing living conditions to have

a good performance in the professional environment.

Research conducted by the Harvard Business Review shows that the happiness of

employees has the power to impact financial results and raise the level of

results achieved. The quality of life of the team's people is reflected not only in the

worker's well-being and also in the productivity of companies. Furthermore,

organizations that invest in the well-being of their employees have indices

lower turnover,

Thus, to improve productivity in organizations, employees need to

feel motivated, worthy, participants in the planning and execution of the work and

organization's performance. That is, productivity goes beyond good production or

work efficiency. It is related to the improvement of the quality of life of each

collaborator in the professional environment.

Therefore, leaders have a great influence on the quality of life provided in the environment

corporate environment, as people's demands and expectations are constantly changing. Fits

them to take a genuine interest in their team and their needs, cultivate a

more efficient communication, supporting and leveraging the strengths of


Leaders also contribute to the quality of work life when they offer:

• genuine emotional embrace;

• open and generous communication between different parties;

• perception and appreciation of efficiency and effectiveness in the work performed;

• opportunity for autonomy on the part of the employee with their follow-up.

When the employee is in a situation of well-being, he inserts himself with a

much more active participation in the execution of tasks and in meetings, demonstrating interest. In addition, by finding an environment open to innovation without judgment

beforehand, leaving the comfort zone becomes possible, which encourages you to be proactive, even more by knowing that your leadership recognizes your efforts.

Finally, when the organizational climate provides quality of life at work,

there has been a significant increase in efforts and collaboration. The collaborators

feel part of a team, recognize common goals and know that they are all

together: you don't have to step over anyone, as this team develops a

collaborative intelligence.

To ensure a good organizational climate, which promotes quality of life and results

exponential, you need to develop good team leaders. They are key pieces to

conduct this process, not only to encourage team members, but also to identify trouble spots that can generate actions to equalize them.


Édila Tais de Souza, Speaker and Columnist at Gente Mais

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