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Recruitment and Selection, pressured to speed up hiring?

Many will ask, does this happen? YES I answer, how many times does the requesting area want to increase the workforce or replace some collaborator and fight for this approval with the Board of Directors with even plausible justifications, but it does not always achieve with the urgency it wants, and, when it does, the pressure falls on Recruitment and Selection, and how, NO?

After the requested position has been approved, the Recruitment and Selection process begins. Then, the drama begins, the pressure of the requesting area that wants to have candidates available quickly for interview and definition. They say that haste is the enemy of perfection, right? The Recruitment and Selection sector has to take the time to map the market, identify and contact professionals and the selection is committed to interviewing the finalist professionals to send for the area interview, this is normal and takes time.

Many unfair criticisms in my opinion about the delay many times on Recruitment and Selection in the presentation of candidates to fill the position, because we need this time to present quality work and not just fill a vacancy, which is undoubtedly easier , of course at the risk of the candidate not remaining, restarting the selection process with new and unnecessary costs.

Instead of criticizing the requesting areas, organize themselves and communicate with us in advance to reduce the replacement time of the requested labor.

In my time, I didn't have the possibility of external pressures to speed up the process and I developed my work within the normal deadlines to meet the quality standards and service that I was asked to do.

Many clashes took place, they were reasonably successful as it clarified my need to provide good and responsible services to the areas of the company. It is important to position ourselves before the company so that our needs are respected. Is not it?

Pedro Morbach is Head, Job Hunter, Motivational Speaker, works at PEDRO MORBACH Training and Events and is a columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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