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So your team is out of FOCUS!

An unfocused leader will have an unfocused team.

Focus is a big element of champion pros.

I hear in my mentorships “Alvaro I need to focus. The thing is to focus”

Today a lot is said about focus, but most people don't even know what focus.

Then you ask the person... How many projects are you on?

She replies: I'm on 6 projects.

A person like that will never be focused.

Another lie they tell is “ABLE... I DO 3, 4, 5 THINGS AT THE SAME TIME”.

You may even have the biggest attention on something, but make sure that a part will be pending.

Daniel Goleman, father of emotional intelligence, brings in his book FOCUS the 3 essential elements of FOCUS:

1. Willpower. It all starts with the desire to accomplish that goal, that project, that function. It is that energy that drives us forward in the direction of what we want to accomplish;

2. Concentration. Concentration is concentrating on the action you are doing. How many times people start something, stop to start another or even put out that fire. So if you're doing a task, do it until you're done;

3. Eliminate distractions. Iiiiiiiiii, distraction is what we have the most. It's the cell phone, television, social networks. If you're at home, it's the noisy neighbor, the kids wanting to get in the middle of the meeting. So when you have a goal, eliminate as many distractions as possible that can get you off track.

Apply these 3 elements of Focus in your daily life that I'm sure will be more productive and build a Champion Business.

Alvaro Adam is an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Speaker and Columnist Gente Mais

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