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STAGE: How to be successful

The internship is an important stage for learning and professional growth. Take it seriously, putting aside small requirements and investing a lot with dedication, daring, boldness, enthusiasm and especially interest in learning. A perfect harmony between you and the manager will make all the difference. I'll explain why: the internship has a determined period and, if you can understand everything you propose, great.

Otherwise, you miss out on a great learning opportunity. In my time there was jealousy of those who worked with me, because they said that I cared more about the interns than the permanent ones. Of course, because the intern has a certain time of permanence in the company and the others do not.

Companies cite that interns have many behavioral problems such as aggressiveness, arrogance, lack of initiative or willingness to learn and avoid, as they say, getting their hands dirty. There is also a lack of interest in knowing more about the company, its culture, its current situation and the possibilities it offers for learning. Many are unwilling to suggest different ways of doing the same work. There is a lot of interest in basic subjects and not subjects of your professional career. Some show a lack of ethics and disrespect for the philosophy of the company and its managers and do not respect older employees. They use slang with serious errors in Portuguese when speaking and writing and wear inappropriate clothes for work.

The Interns mention that there is a lack of harmony between the training and the work carried out in their daily lives, developing services of lesser importance than they could perform. Some complain about basic conditions for work such as computers. Others state that the internship program must be linked to the curriculum, not having space to negotiate with the area of ​​activity and the person responsible for the HR Internship Program the necessary modifications to make good use of the period in the company.

Freedom to express opinions on projects and make decisions are points that interns observe, in addition to the fact that they are often allocated in areas that have nothing to do with their school education (cheap labor). There is no follow-up on candidates' performance, making the period unproductive for learning.

It is important to point out that if the internship is not pleasing, let your manager and the person responsible for the internship –HR know about your dissatisfaction, but if you are in your area of ​​expertise and satisfied, dedicate yourself to the fullest, exceeding expectations, being accessible, asking a lot and making yourself available for more challenges. Conquer everyone's admiration and fight for a realization, which if it doesn't exist, you've experienced and learned. Always believe in new opportunities that may arise at the conclusion of the internship or after there are openings in which you can be considered in the company. Dedicate yourself a lot and always, the doors will open to those who know how to make a good self-investment. Good luck.

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter, Motivational Speaker, works at PEDRO MORBACH Training and Events Ltd and Columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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