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Why countless people spend the long days of their lives thinking that nothing is worth anything. And the worst thing is that the world is getting full of discredited human beings who would long to no longer be in their place, or even he himself is satisfied if he could disappear from the world or who knows, he would have the courage to take his own life trying find an explanation for such dissatisfaction.

A certain men, all powerful, rich, full of goods, could not find answers. I asked questions and more questions and found no answers. Without reservation he started to cry and said that his father had abandoned him in childhood leaving home to live with another woman, he remembered that he stayed at the window of the house for hours in the hope of seeing his father coming to see him. But that never happened. He grew up with the certainty that he had never been loved by him, still in tears he said he would give anything to win a hug from his father and to be called a son, but as he knew that would never happen, he kept a grudge for all these years.

But Diana, with so much pain, with so much wound, is it possible to move forward in the search for peace? Yup. Even with a lot of resistance, the first step to be worked on is related to offering the father what he wished he had received. But Diana, this is a difficult thing. Yes, nothing is easy and even more so when it comes to feelings and relationships. But it is possible, many times necessary, to let go of EGOS, sorrows and grudges in order to move towards peace. Our brain has extraordinary power both positively and negatively. Let's understand, we can highlight some daily episodes that promote healthy interaction between brains, triggering well-being for the whole body, generating happiness: forgiveness, affection and altruism.

I'm talking here about three positive behaviors that are good for you.


Today forgiveness is one of the most discussed and debated subjects. Because we've all been hurt by someone in some way and we had to choose whether to forgive or not, some hurts passed quickly, but others insisted on moving forward for decades. Gossip, belittling or ingratitude.

Maybe you've been let down by someone, people you've devoted time and affection to, trusting someone who at the first opportunity you had coldly betrayed.

Forgiveness must be the indispensable ingredient for a life filled with satisfaction. Your brain will thank you. Grudge and hurt are considered extremely harmful to the brain and the rest of the body as it releases stress hormones potentiating heart risks increasing the chances of developing mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, in addition to disturbing sleep.

An Italian study revealed very interesting aspects about forgiveness: Forgiveness stimulates the prefrontal cortex in conscious decision making, in addition to being a level of maturity. This means that as soon as someone offends us, the first region of the brain to be activated is the region that leads us to reflect and decide what to do in the face of the situation, so I insist on saying, forgiving is a matter of decision. Forgiveness also assists in the release of the hormone Oxytocin, the hormone of happiness. Forgiveness, according to research, brings immediate relief to the brain and blood pressure and heart rate, while the desire for revenge releases cortisol, the stress hormone that generates many diseases and about revenge, I will talk in the next article.

Diana Ceolin is a Speaker, Mentor, Businesswoman, Civil Servant and columnist for Gente Mais Portal


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