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who or whoever gives ideas, suggests, draws up plans, which later will be carried out by others

“Know your team member’s dream and inspire them daily to achieve it”

Mauro Moraes

Being an inspiring leader is knowing the needs of your employees, but mainly contributing decisively to help them achieve their dreams.

Daily, take time to be with your teammates, that's what I call in my trainings "quality minutes". Take advantage of every moment, every opportunity, to listen and understand the real desires of each one, only then will you be able to guide and act towards the individual success of each component of your team.

Strategy: Know the behavioral profile of each employee (Dominant, Influential, Stable and Compliant) and align it with your communication to each one.

Dominant seeks results – be more direct and confident

Influential seeks relationship – be more cheerful and optimistic

Stable seeks collaboration – be more diplomatic and calm

As you seek precision – be more systematic and prudent

“The inspiring leader is one who rarely needs to give orders to his followers, they are attracted to the figure of the leader and are willing to do what is necessary”

Thiago Tombini

Being an INSPIRING leader will help you motivate your team members!

The high performance leader instills confidence in his subordinates every time he makes a decision, be it difficult or complex.

Great leaders are sensible, thoughtful, reflective. Likewise, they analyze the situation, listen to what others have to say, and then make the best decision possible. Most importantly, a good leader is not afraid to make mistakes!

A problem occured? Then follow these steps:

1- Get a real sense of what your problem is, getting your thoughts out of your head and putting them on paper

2- Describe it in as much detail as possible

3- Write at least 5 options to solve it

4- Decide what you are going to do

5- Have the attitude of not procrastinating, keeping the focus with energy on the solution

“The problem is not the problem, but your ATTITUDE towards the problem”

Unknown author

Being a DECIDED leader will help you inspire those you lead!

Mauro Moraes is a Specialist in Personal Development and Leadership and a columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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