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The Leader of the Future

In this article, I will share with you what I learned from reading the book: "Map of Leadership – The Path to Success", Editora Proverbo, coordinated by Antonio Cincinato Marques and Ulisses Barros.

Today, I talk about chapter 14, Henrique Bertoncello's future leader.

"The Leader of the future manages to anticipate himself due to his strategic vision, thus creating a high performance team."

Henrique Bertoncello

The leader of the future is one who knows how to communicate with employees and is able to understand people's individuality and understand their needs, challenges and desires, meeting the organization's goals.

Leaders of the future are able to anticipate, are attentive to everything and incorporate high performance, which already has a strategic vision. They are fully aware of the company's goals and know how to get their team engaged in the process.

Leaders of the future know how to put themselves in the shoes of those they lead, understanding their fears. They know how to motivate them, have high empathy in difficult situations and talk to people easily. They have the emotional agility derived from emotional intelligence, which is characterized by a positive way of dealing with emotions.

Here are some characteristics of the Leader of the Future:

1. Knows how to put technology in your favor. It is up to the Leader of the future to consider technology at the same level as human work.

2. Constantly innovates, always leaving the team members prepared for novelties and adaptations.

3. Make and give openings for Feedbacks. Knows how to give and receive feedback, as there is a survey that 92% of leaders do not know how to apply this practice.

4. Know each team member well. The leader of the future knows that it is extremely important to know the strengths and the ones that need to be developed, of each employee.

5. Has balance to lead. He knows how to differentiate moments when it is necessary to command and give orders, as well as to have empathy and offer help.

6. Not ashamed of making mistakes. He is a prepared leader, willing to learn and is not ashamed of making mistakes or acknowledging that he does not know all the answers.

7. Motivates people. He always encourages his team to overcome challenges, seek knowledge, criticize and point out mistakes. With this type of leadership, the traditional hierarchy design no longer makes sense.

8. Is an example to others. He doesn't say what should be done, he does it. Thus, teaching by example is a very efficient and lasting way to keep employees engaged.

"The leader of the future seeks continuous development, to be prepared for the demands that will come."

Mauro Moraes

Mauro Moraes, speaker and columnist Gente Mais

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