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Intense feeling that has the ability to change behavior

“Passion is the fuel of a leader's heart!”

Mauro Moraes

Passion in a leader's life is essential.

All genuine leadership is driven by a vision that awakens a desire for fulfillment that goes beyond the personal level and extends to something greater.

The leader who loves what he does, will do his tasks with passion, dedicating himself 100% day and night.

The passionate leader focuses on what he does well and does better than anyone else.

The high performance leader has passion as a feature of his life, gets up feeling excited to face the new day and sleeps hard when he is excited about a new idea.

A leader who is filled with passion will surely see great things happen around him through his example. Passion is indispensable in the life of a successful leader. A passionate leader will always make a difference wherever he is leading.

Heed these seven truths about passion and what it can do for you as a leader:

1. Passion is the first step to fulfillment. Your desire determines your destiny. Think of great leaders and you will be impressed by their passion: Gandhi for human rights, Winston Churchill for freedom, Martin Luther King Jr. for equality and Bill Gates for technology. Anyone who has a life beyond the ordinary has a great desire.

2. Passion makes your leadership impact others. A passion can transform many people's lives. If by exercising your leadership you do it passionately, you will impact the people around you, motivating them to also want to do something relevant in life.

3. Passion increases your willpower. There is no substitute for passion. She is the fuel of the will. If you really want something, you can find the willpower to achieve it. The only way to have that kind of desire is to develop passion.

“Anyone can be negligent, but once you commit to doing something serious, it gets into your blood and then it’s very difficult for anyone to stop it.”

Bill Cosby

4. Passion helps you set and maintain priorities. You are remembered and forced to stay focused by passion. We give priority to what we are passionate about. We decided to walk in the ways of Jesus because that is our heart, our passion. This is our calling and vision; this is our priority.

5. Passion transforms you. If you follow your passion, you will undoubtedly become a more dedicated and productive person. This increases your ability to make an impact on others. In the end, your passion will have more influence than your personality.

6. Passion makes the impossible possible. A leader with great passion and few skills will always outperform a leader with great skills and dispassion.

7. Passion activates your leadership potential. Potential is everything that could be done but hasn't done yet; everything that could be and still isn't. Potential is not what has already been done, but what remains to be realized. It is passion that activates this potential and leads us to break our own limits. Those who are not passionate do not want to break boundaries; rather, he wants the comfortable, the comfortable, the protection of the safety zone.

To increase your passion:

- Examine your temperature. How much passion do you have for life and work? How does it manifest? Make an honest assessment by asking several co-workers and your spouse how they rate your level of enthusiasm. You will not become passionate until you believe that passion can make the difference in your life.

“When a leader acts with passion, they usually receive passion in response”

John C. Maxwell

- Go back to your first love. Many people allow life and their circumstances to take them away from their goal. Think back to when you were starting your career - or even earlier, when you were a kid. What really stimulated you? What did you do for hours and hours? Try to get that old enthusiasm back. Then, evaluate your life and career in light of those old loves.

- Associate with people with passion. It sounds silly, but unity is strength. If you missed the flame, approach some arsonists. Passion is contagious. Keep in regular contact with people who can infect you.

Being a leader with PASSION will help you inspire those you lead!

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Mauro Moraes is a Specialist in Personal Development and Leadership and columnist for Gente Mais Portal

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