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The Mark an Inspiring Leader Leaves

Research shows that 8 out of 10 professionals who leave their jobs are actually resigning from their boss. There is no good relationship between leader and led and, most of the time, the environment becomes toxic.

Leadership is an essential characteristic for any business to succeed. Knowing how to lead and integrate talents to achieve goals is essential when talking about the current world. A good working relationship involves trust, respect, self-knowledge, inclusion and clear and open communication. The key to being a good leader is establishing a bond of trust with your team.

But did you know that it is possible to go above and beyond and be an inspirational leader?

One of the most important traits of this leader is centeredness, a state of marked presence that makes the leader remain calm in stressful situations, maintaining an empathic connection, in addition to having a unique skill of active listening.

Another important feature is resilience. An inspiring leader quickly adapts to times of crisis and disruption, adapting behaviors and innovating processes to find new solutions. It is who takes risks, who takes the first step and who shows an unprecedented perspective. He knows that they will only achieve new results by doing things differently. If there is a desire for those who are led to innovate, it is necessary, first of all, to set an example.

A third important factor is assertive communication. An inspiring leader communicates frankly and openly with his team, maintaining a strong bond without hiding challenges and threats. This provides a climate of mutual trust, when a team member realizes that their leader is available to face adversity, confronting reality with their heads held high.

An inspiring leader can make people believe that something is possible and that they can achieve it. To convey that much confidence, he needs to have the belief in what he says himself. Therefore, it is essential to believe in one's ability to achieve the expected performance.

Being inspirational is creating a strong enough relationship with your team, which means trusting and believing that each person on the team can act. In order for people to be convinced to act, there needs to be the right “climate”. It is up to the leader to build this culture of doing, changing and improving. It is something that must be present in actions at all times, in order to create the conditions conducive to action.

Being an inspiring leader is essential to increase people's engagement and make them more participatory. An inspirational leader's ability to communicate his passion and purpose helps establish the inspirational culture of his organization. The inspirational leader is truly passionate about his mission and vision and is able to share them in a way that allows others to feel passionate about them as well.

This shared passion makes organizations thrive with a purpose that goes beyond everyday tasks: a sense of belonging. Making those who are led feel that they belong, included as “owners” of organizations is knowing how to create an inspiring corporate culture.

Remember that leadership can and should be developed and improved through experience and professional training. It is an ongoing effort that must be exercised daily.

Édila Souza is an Executive Educator and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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