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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Day after day, humanity in an agile way tirelessly seeks happiness, whether rationally or not.

Today, based on Neuroscience studies, we understand that many times we prefer to hinder understandings, actions and attitudes. Studies not only bring reflection, but also point out alternatives to improve the process of learning and relearning.

However, it is understood that neuroscience provides as the main objective to increase the quality potential in everything that is done and how it is done.

Neuroscience comes to assist in the journey of understanding the functionality of our brain over time.

Therefore, I come today to bring some important points for them to be applied and thus be transformative in life:

First, THE BRAIN needs food. In addition to the food and water we ingest, our brain needs specific sources such as knowledge, information and collective constructions. The greater the interaction, the greater the social, collective involvement, the greater the level of performance, the greater the quality of life, the greater its potential, the greater its success.

Our brain needs the potential of the body and vice versa.

Second, WE LEARN MORE WHEN WE FEEL SAFE. Yes, since childhood, we already know that being safe is important to move forward. We take a step. When we know there's someone to protect us. And that's how it is in our adult life journey, we move forward when we feel certainty and security. Of course, whoever is with you wants to move forward, because in neuroscience, it is from the feeling of belonging that we develop empathy and this represents an immensity of knowledge.

Third, COLLABORING IF YOU LEARN MORE, interpersonal relationships make us learn more because there is an involvement in communication where we exchange constructive and complementary experiences, favoring the whole. It is in coexistence that humility, truth and forgiveness take over.

Fourth EMOTION is an ESSENTIAL FACTOR IN NEUROSCIENCE, 80% of the day we spend in the emotional system, called the limbic system, where everything that passes through us is related to this system and we react depending on the way it is.

Fifth THE STIMULUS IS ESSENTIAL, our brain needs to be trained daily, you are capable of this change, this transformation. The difference is in you freeing yourself, allowing yourself, getting out of the comfortable and always moving forward.

Let's go together because happiness is what transforms.

Diana Ceolin is a Speaker, Mentor, Businesswoman, Civil Servant and Columnist Gente Mais

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