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The power of the mind in decision making

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Every day the world searches for happiness. Happiness in personal, professional and community life. However, that doesn't always happen. There are people who pass by projecting guilt, or organizing excuse boxes, or still living in the leftovers of guilt.

What makes you mentally strong? Mental health is different from mental strength.

But Diana, why talk about this subject? Because for everything in our life, we need decisions. To make dreams come true, to advance in personal, professional or family life.

Mentally strong people have the habit of avoiding mental exhaustion or some situations that harm the mind, for example, not feeling sorry for yourself, not accepting change, not running away from failure, etc... various situations.

You probably know countless people in this situation, including statements like: I raised my children the same, one is hardworking, pronounces it several times, I will achieve and always achieve what I want. On the other hand, everything is difficult, including saying that he will make it.

To better understand, AARON BECK – FATHER OF BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGY, explains to us that the mind has a gigantic power and our actions come from the strength of this mind. Therefore, what I envision will have greater probability and possibility of execution. Therefore, if I am positive, my responses and actions will be positive.

In this sense, to advance in our decisions, where the mind has enormous power, I guide:

1. First: good physical habits promote mental superiority, but more than that, to have good mental strength, cultivate good habits like: Stop wanting to control the uncontrollable. There are things that happen, Make an assessment so that it can and needs to be controlled. Ask the question: Do I need to be in control?

2. Second: You don't have to please everyone and it's okay if you have to say NO, in the end, the no is just as important as the yes.

3. Third: Stop being negative. Our mind attracts what is projected by us.

4. Fourth: do something difficult every day, because when we only realize small and easy things, our brain gets “lazy” and makes our actions difficult.

5. Fifth: Train balance: reason with emotion. Necessary to have smoothness and certainty in the ducts.

Therefore, this path will help you in the daily guarantee for happiness. Come on, put it into practice. For our happiness is transformed by us.

Diana Ceolin, Speaker and Columnist Gente Mais

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