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The willing leader

Who likes or has the habit of helping; what help

“Your leader's success is your success, so serve him!”

Mauro Moraes

The helpful leader is concerned with helping those around him. He is the one who, when the team seeks him out, manages to solve their problems.

The high-performance leader serves his subordinates, offering as conditions for them to perform the performance of all their tasks with diligence.

Being helpful is not a matter of position or ability. It is an attitude and the leader knows the importance of serving his problems, trusting his trust, acting in accordance with his allies.

The helpful leader listens, takes risks for the benefit of others, and is always willing to serve others.

“You must love your subordinates more than your position"

John C. Maxwell

The helpful leader demonstrates, in everyday life, some important postures, which strengthen the work environment and reinforce his condition before the team. We can mention some characteristics: values ​​ideas and opinions, has the power of persuasion, recognizes needs, supports and encourages, thinks about the individual and adopts humility

A truly helpful leader:

1. Puts others above your personal commitments. The first sign that someone is helpful is their ability to put others above themselves and their personal desires. It means more than putting your commitments aside. It means being deliberately aware of people's needs, available to help them, and willing to see their wants as important.

“The true leader is helpful. Serving people. He does his best in their best interest, and in doing so he will not always be popular, he will not always impress. However, because they are more motivated by love of neighbor than by a desire for personal glory, true leaders are willing to pay the price”.

Eugene B. Habecker, writer

2. Has the confidence to be helpful. Security is the truly crucial point when it comes to being helpful. The Law of Delegation of Power says that only secure leaders delegate power to others. It's also true that only confident leaders are helpful.

3. Has the initiative to serve. Virtually everyone will be helpful if compelled to do so. Some are helpful in times of crisis. However, you can really see the heart of someone who takes the initiative to serve others. Great leaders see the need, seize the opportunity, and serve without expecting anything in return.

4. Don't worry about position. Helpful leaders don't focus on hierarchy or position. They focus on the needs of the other.

5. Serve out of love. Serving is not motivated by manipulation or self-promotion. He is stimulated by love. In the end, the extent of your influence depends on the depth of your interest in others. That's why it's so important for the leader to be willing to serve.

To improve your ability to serve, note the following points:

- Perform small acts. Start with the people closest to you: spouse, children, relatives. Find ways today to do little things that show others that you care about them.

- Learn to walk slowly through the crowd. The next time you're in a meeting with multiple clients, colleagues, or employees, aim to connect with people by walking around and talking to them. Focus on each person you meet. Learn her name if you don't know. Try to know the needs, desires, hopes of each one. When you get home, write a reminder that you must do something for five of those people.

- Move yourself. If serving is clearly out of your life, the best way to change that is to start serving. Start serving motivated by reason, and in the end your heart will be involved. Sign up to volunteer with your church, community or charitable organization for six months. If at the end of this period your attitude is still not satisfactory, do it again. Keep that commitment until there is a change in your heart.

- Develop certain skills. To become a helpful leader, you need to develop some essential behavioral skills and look to other leaders for inspiration. Seek Self-knowledge, develop Emotional Intelligence, patience, kindness and altruism.

Being a HELPFUL leader will help you inspire those you lead!

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Mauro Moraes is a Specialist in Personal Development and Leadership and columnist for Gente Mais Portal

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