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Leading is an exercise that requires self-knowledge and constant improvement of skills and competences. To get the most out of a team, in an environment of trust and collaboration, the leader needs to understand how their leadership style affects the performance of the team and the organization.

A leader needs to work closely with his team to the point of making them truly follow him, improving his relationship with those he leads and progressing in all the work he does with them.

This leader understands that one of his main characteristics is his ability to develop new leaders, so he sees himself as responsible for mentoring each of his direct employees equally. Mentoring is a leadership responsibility, just like coaching and giving feedback.

Mentors care about their team members, transmit their experiences and knowledge. It also guides and encourages them, giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their professional skills and abilities. It still delegates activities and responsibilities competently. He is flexible, does not run his hand over his head, on the contrary, acts firmly and exercises his position in a very professional way.

The attitudes of the mentor leader generate good results in the work routine:

  • If the leader shares what he knows with his followers, they will be more prepared and perform their tasks better;

  • If the leader shares with his team the objectives of his area and those of the organization, it is natural for employees to become more engaged as they see a greater purpose in what they do;

  • If the employee finds an attentive listener in the leader, who is really interested in listening to his difficulties and in offering guidance and advice for his development, it is very likely that he will act better, with more self-confidence.

  • If the employee admires his leader and has him as a model, it is certain that he will have more engagement and more encouragement to follow the leader's guidelines.

By doing so, a leader will have employees who are more prepared, more valued and more satisfied at work, which results in increased productivity and, consequently, in greater results for the company. In the end everyone wins.

Seek to develop the necessary skills and competences, as you, your team and company will only gain from this.

Édila Souza is an Executive Educator and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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