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Your employee resigns. How to react to this process?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

The most important thing in these circumstances is not to forget to be Human.

Employees who ask to leave the company is something that certainly leaves the employer with mixed feelings. Of course, you must realize that it's never the end of the world and it won't be, but still, don't hesitate to be honest with him, if any, to demonstrate that you didn't expect this attitude on his part.

In addition, show interest in what this Person's next steps will be, after all, if you remember, one day you also wished that your Manager would support you in your decision to leave, instead of generating you even more insecurity in relation to him.

To complete, remember to correctly indicate with whom the Collaborator can finalize their contract, in order to facilitate the entire internal procedure in the Organization.

Being a Manager means being open to understanding your Collaborators even when their attitudes are not exactly as expected.

It is knowing how to act Rationally, with the control of Impulsivity.

Rogério Lopes is CEO of Gente Mais Consulting and Training, CEO of Fabrika Productions and Events, Chief Financial Officer of Institute Beyond Cinderella and columnist Gente Mais.

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