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foto perfil alvaro.jpg

Alvaro Adam

Specialist in High Professional Performance.

daniel luz.png

Daniel Luz

Human resources director

Mauro Moraes.png

Mauro Moraes

Specialist in Personal Development and Leadership.

Cris Jesus.png

Cris Jesus 

Business Consultant and Business Mentor

Diana Ceolin.png

Diana Ceolim

Speaker, Mentor, Businesswoman, Public Employee 

Édila Souza.png

Edila Souza

Executive Educator

tati souza.png

Tati Souza

CEO Gente Mais Consulting and Training and Fabrika Productions and Events. Founder and President of the Far Beyond Cinderella Institute

Pedro Morback.png

Pedro Morbach

is Head and Job Hunter, Motivational Speaker, working at PEDRO MORBACH Training and Events

eduardo martinez.png

Eduardo Martinez 
Dr. Motivation

CEO of Top Training, Writer and Specialist in People Management.

Dirceu Schallenberger.png

José Renato

Writer and Career Consultant

Fabian Seabra.png

Fabian Bessoni

Fabian Bessoni

HCM Product Director

Rogério Lopes.png

Rogério Lopes

CEO Gente Mais Consulting and Training, CEO Fabrika Produções e Eventos and Commercial Director of the Muito Além de Cinderelas Institute

Camada 82.png

Octavio Alves Jr.

International Executive | Soft Skills Coach | Leadership Specialist | MBA teacher FGV | podcaster

Turiddo Bonazzi.png

Turiddo Bonazzi

Director, Executive Mentor/Coach and Lecturer Consultant at Evolutium - Human and Business Development

Silvio Rocha.png

Silvio Rocha



Luiz Amorim

Entrepreneur, coach, life and productivity mentor and professional speaker.

Juliana Torres Martins.png

Juliana Martins

Director of Operations at Brazilian Institute of ESG – ESG Brazil.


Fernanda Silva

Specialist in Women's Leadership

Rogério Toledo.png

Rogério Toledo

Camada 6.png

Cheila Lamour

Consulting partner (DGB Consultants)

Mentor Specialist in Women's Leadership

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