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Privacy Policy



A Gente Mais Consultoria e Formação LTDA, duly registered with the CNPJ/MF under nº 10.905.780/0001-72 with address at Rua Engenheiro Saint Martin, nº 23-40, Vila Santa Tereza, CEP 17012-056, in the city de Bauru/SP, hereinafter referred to simply as "Gente Mais", has a Platform (website) for holding Events, through the electronic address bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ aimed at offering corporate events  and immersions, online or in person, with the aim of sharing knowledge and strengthening connections between professionals and people.

In this way, because Gente Mais is always committed to its duties to guarantee privacy and data protection  personal, under the terms of the General Data Protection Law (Law No. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is intended to inform you, the User, what personal data is collected (“Data”), how it is treated, in what situations it is shared and when it is deleted. This Policy applies to all services provided by Gente Mais, through written, printed, digital and/or electronic content, delivery of products, websites, applications, interfaces, in addition to other products and services that may be offered by Gente Mais. , whether physical or digital (“Services”).


  1. Accept the Terms and Conditions


In this way, when accessing the Platform, you (User) must read the content of this Policy. If you agree with the conditions presented in this Policy and want to use the Platform, you will need to express your consent by selecting the checkbox corresponding to the option “I have read and agree with the Privacy Policy”.


By selecting the option “I have read and I agree with the Privacy Policy”, you give your consent for Gente Mais and its partners to process your data collected through the portal, including any sensitive data, for the purposes described in this policy.


This consent may be withdrawn at any time, by means of a request to the Data Protection Officer indicated in this Policy. However, by canceling your consent, You User understands that this may restrict or suspend your access to the Platform, as well as the provision of the Services. In any case, as soon as Gente Mais receives your request, your Data will be deleted, except in cases where Gente Mais is required by law to store it.


  1. Data collect


The types and amount of information collected by Gente Mais vary according to the use made on the Platform, which can be just a visitor, or a student enrolled in one of our courses. In this way, all data collected will be treated according to the specific use by the user, for the provision of our services  e for the purposes described and duly authorized.


  1. Platform Visitors


In the case of mere access to the Platform, there will only be the collection of browsing data, such as information about the browser, operating system, IP address, date/time of the visit, URLs (Uniform Resource Locators), searched and viewed content and information, monitor definition and behavior on the Platform.


  1. Data registration and login on the Platform


If, however, you user register on the Platform, in addition to the aforementioned browsing data, the following information will be collected:


If you, the user, show interest in a course, including the possibility of receiving more information about it by e-mail or telephone, you can create a registration informing: full name, e-mail, telephone, address and CPF.


If, however, you wish to register for a course to attend it, you can create a registration informing full name, email, telephone, address, RG or CPF, recent professional information, name of the credit card holder used for payments. , credit card number, payment date and security code. Once enrolled in a course, the Platform can also be used to gain access to the student area, where the User's data, password, date and time of access will be collected during login.


  1. Dissemination of courses, events and opportunities


With the user's consent, the following data will be collected for the purpose of promoting courses, events and opportunities: name, telephone and email address.


  1. Cookies


In order to offer you, user, a better browsing experience and constant improvement of our services, our platform uses cookies, which allow the collection of data related to browsing, depending on the type of device used, the authorizations granted by you, through the settings. your device, and the features used in each application. We may use our own or third-party cookies on our platform and applications.


Cookies are small text files that may or may not be added to your device's browser. These files store and recognize data that guarantee the correct functioning of the platform and help us to identify your preferences and improve your experiences.


Cookies may collect data for different purposes related to the functionality of our platform. See below the types of cookies we use:

  1. Operation: to guarantee the correct access and operation of the applications;

  2. Authentication: to recognize the User, enabling his/her access, including areas of restricted access and also used to offer content, offers and/or services from strategic partners;

  3. Security: to assist in monitoring and detecting unauthorized activities, preventing fraud and protecting user information;

  4. Research, analysis and performance: to verify, measure and analyze the audience, performance, use of applications by the user;

  5. Advertising: to present relevant advertising from Gente Mais and its partners, according to the user's profile, and to know if users have seen it, both in our environments and on partner websites and applications. They can also be used to remember any searches carried out by Users, and based on the results of these searches, to show advertisements or offers of products, services and initiatives of interest to them.


You can disable or delete cookies, as well as other data collection technologies, in your browser settings and in your device's operating system settings, with the exception of operating cookies which, if disabled, will not allow the use of the Platform ( site). We just remind you that if certain cookies are disabled, the platform or some of its features or functionality may not function properly.


  1. Treatment and Use of Data


The data provided by the user will be stored and used by Gente Mais, by itself or by third parties contracted by it, as follows:

  1. present the Platform and its contents to the User;

  2. customize, personalize and adapt the User's learning;

  3. communicate with Users and respond to their communications;

  4. verify the User's identity;

  5. provide information, products or services that the User has requested;

  6. provide notices about the User's account, including subscription expiration and renewal notices;

  7. perform obligations and exercise the rights of Gente Mais; arising from any contracts entered into between the User and Gente Mais;

  8. notify the User about updates to the Platform, the Privacy Policy or any other services offered by Gente Mais;

  9. allow the User to participate in the interactive features of Gente Mais;

  10. improve the quality of the Services, being able to carry out statistical, empirical, quantitative or qualitative analyzes of the collective characteristics and behavior of Users;

  11. administer courses, exams, tests, assessments, exercises, projects and other activities through the Platform;

  12. track participation, progress and completion of activities performed by the User on the Platform;

  13. share User performance information on courses, tests, tests, assessments, exercises, projects, other activities and other services on the Platform with instructors, teachers, assistants or with individuals designated by Gente Mais,  para assist in the creation, modification or operation of Platform activities;

  14. map courses and other activities or services offered on the Platform, which the User accessed;

  15. allow the sending of offers or discounts on courses, activities or other services, which may be of interest to the User;

  16. allow communication between the User and Gente Mais, including by sending and receiving e-mails, telephone contacts and/or sending messages through social networks;


The User is responsible, in the civil and criminal spheres, for the veracity and updating of the data provided (including personal data) and Gente Mais disclaims any liability for damages resulting from incomplete, inaccurate or inaccurate filling out of the registration by the User, under any circumstances. means or form, or, even, for the improper use of this register by any third party not authorized to use such data or, still, by third parties that have, due or   improperly, obtained the User's data to access the Platform, acting as if he were.


  1. Data Sharing


Gente Mais may share the Data collected through the Platform with companies based in Brazil or abroad, always following the necessary security measures, in the following situations:

  1. With partner companies of Gente Mais, (i) for advertising purposes, to offer products and personalized advertisements to the User and (ii) to evaluate the Services and improve their offering;

  2. whenever necessary for the commercial activities of Gente Mais and/or for the provision of services, such as, for example, with credit card operators, financial institutions, providers of means of payment, integrators of means of payment, flow control platforms finance, customer support software, e-commerce platforms, payment control platforms and municipal government websites for issuing invoices for services;

  3. with governmental authorities (i) to take legal and administrative measures to defend the interests of Gente Mais in any type of conflict, including legal actions, and/or (ii) to comply with legal, judicial and administrative determinations and also comply with official letters;

  4. in the case of transactions and corporate changes involving Gente Mais, being able to transfer your Data, for a consideration or free of charge, to a third party or successor, if you are involved in bankruptcy, judicial or extrajudicial recovery, corporate restructuring, reorganization or sale of assets. You hereby agree that your Data may be sold or transferred as part of this transaction. This Privacy Policy will apply to your Data as it is transferred to the new entity(ies).


  1. Data storage


The information of the Users will be stored by Gente Mais in its own servers or contracted by it, which can be located in Brazil or in foreign territory. Therefore, the user expressly consents that their Data be transferred internationally, and thus may be transferred, stored and processed in Brazil or abroad. Gente Mais will take reasonable steps and efforts to ensure that the transfer of Data is secure and guarantees an adequate level of protection.


This Policy represents the effort of Gente Mais to protect the Data of Users of the Platform. However, due to the very nature of the Internet, it is not possible to guarantee that malicious third parties will not succeed in improperly accessing the stored information (“Security Incident”). In the event of any Security Incident with your Data, Gente Mais will adopt all the legally required measures for your protection and to inform you, as soon as possible, about what has happened.


The period for which Gente Mais will keep the personal data stored depends on the purpose and nature of the data processing. Gente Mais will process the data collected for the period necessary to comply with legal, regulatory and contractual obligations, to continue to provide and improve our products and services, for risk management, for the regular exercise of rights in administrative and/or lawsuits, and for the other purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy.


  1. Data Deletion


Gente Mais may delete your Data when: (i) the purpose for which the Data was collected has been achieved or, when the Data is no longer necessary to achieve this purpose; (ii) when there is a cancellation of the consent given by the User for the processing of Data; or (iii) upon determination of legal authority.


In addition, you, the user, may request the deletion of your Data by means of a request sent to the Data Protection Officer of Gente Mais, via e-mail . Gente Mais will use its best efforts to fulfill the request as soon as possible. You understand that the deletion of your Data may make it impossible to access the Platform (website), the availability of the Services and the courses eventually acquired, without any compensation being due to you. Gente Mais reserves the right to keep stored all the Data necessary to comply with current Brazilian legislation, even in the event of a request for its deletion.


  1. User Rights


Whenever deemed necessary, the User may ask Gente Mais to confirm the existence of processing of their Data and access to their Data collected through the Platform, as well as the correction of their Data, if they are incomplete, inaccurate or outdated, the anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or treated Data in violation of applicable Brazilian legislation, according to the technical resources available, the portability of your Data, for yourself or for a third party; the deletion of the Data processed with your consent, provided that there is no legal possibility of permission to keep them; obtaining information about public or private entities that Gente Mais has shared their data with; and information about the possibility of not providing your consent to the processing of the Data, as well as being informed about its consequences, in case of refusal.

In this sense, in order for you to exercise your rights, simply contact the Data Protection Officer, by sending an email to the following email address


  1. Communication Channel and Data Protection Officer (DPO)


If you, a user, have any questions about this Policy or the treatment of your Data by Gente Mais, please contact us through our Communication Channel: , with the heading “to the care of the Data Protection Officer”.


  1. Legislation and Competent Forum


This Privacy Policy will be governed, interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of Brazil, regardless of the conflicts of these laws with the laws of other states or countries, with the jurisdiction of the User's place of residence, in Brazil, being competent to judge any dispute arising from it. of this Policy. You expressly consent to the competence of this judgment and waive, in this act, the competence of any other, however privileged it may be or will be.


Last update date: 08/26/2021.

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