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Founder of Gente Mais Consultoria becomes TED Brazil speaker

She will make her debut in the Rio do Sul edition in November.

Yesterday morning, the 26th, the appointment of Tatiane Souza, Our founder, was officially announced as a speaker at TED Brazil, integrating the movement's expert lounge.

Its debut will be held at the edition of TEDxRio do Sul, in November, with the lecture Beyond Cinderelas, a lecture that gave rise to the Far Beyond Cinderella Institute, an ONG that aims to bring empowerment, equity and diversity through education, a movement maintained by Gente Mais Consulting and Training.

TED is an independent version of one of the most important and innovative conferences in the world, TED (technology, entertainment and design). It is an organization created in the USA, in 1984, and which aims to propagate “ideas that deserve to be shared”.

At TED conventions, officially held twice a year, entrepreneurs and thinkers from around the world are invited to give short talks. The audience is limited and very popular, as great minds of the planet will speak on the day.

With this nomination, Tati Souza becomes a world speaker, for the visibility, credibility and scope of TED.

Thayná Fogaça, Communications Director at Gente Mais Consulting and Training

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