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What is the relevance and what are the implications of the choices and decisions we make for achieving our goals and fulfilling our life purpose? How do they affect us in building a life worth living, in all its dimensions?

The human being at all times is deliberating about his existence. It is a continuous process of choices and decisions, in the face of countless alternatives, possibilities and opportunities, with the purpose of choosing the path you should take and that will lead you towards the desired life.

Throughout our existential journey, we make choices based on what we desire and dream of for our personal, family, professional, financial, social and spiritual lives, among others. When we define what we want and set ourselves on that path, we are practicing our choices.

The more you master this process, the closer you will be to mastering your life, to being the author of your own story. We have mastery over our lives when we take responsibility for making choices and decisions about everything that affects and interferes with the achievement of our goals, and our achievements and accomplishments.

Unfortunately, there are people who transfer the destiny of their own lives to others, get carried away by other people's interests and are always working to carry out projects and life goals that do not concern them, therefore, without any motivation.

Perhaps because of accommodation or lack of courage, willingness or even interest, these people do not take on the responsibility of establishing the direction of their lives, of their professional careers, conducted at the mercy of events, chance and reap what they did not choose. , that is, a life of limited expectations and without great achievements and accomplishments.

If we want to take control of our lives, it is important to be clear that our current reality is the result of the choices we made in the past, and consequently, the current choices will define what our future will be like. Our choices determine our future reality. Therefore, it is essential to know the reasons why we base our decisions, to be aware of what really has value for our lives.

Taking responsibility for making decisions is being aware of the need to have a life project, to develop a plan, to follow a previous script, to establish parameters and follow them. Achieving goals is a construction, a product of our choice.

The responsible choice distresses us, takes us out of the center, makes us rethink values, priorities and responsibilities. It takes us out of our comfort zone. Making decisions often requires us to seek new perspectives, expand our field of vision, and evaluate other points of view. It's looking at a broader scenario of the world and life


It is a question, then, of approaching life from our freedom, therefore, from our responsibility, to take it in our hands. It is the possibility that we have to choose the path we want to follow and be protagonists of our own history.

Luiz Amorim is an entrepreneur, coach, life and productivity mentor, professional speaker and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.


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