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When it comes to construction, a joke comes to mind about the plane carrying construction workers, but which had to make an emergency landing in the desert.

You might be thinking: Here he comes with another joke.

In fact, this has already become a style of writing and also of living. Everything has to have a hint of good humor. That maybe because God gave me this gift.

In the 90's I already had my stand-up show, which is so fashionable nowadays, having the opportunity to open shows for Ari Toledo and Pedro Bismark, Nerso da Capitinga. Want to know a little more about my story? She is in my book "Transform Your Life with Humor & Motivation".

Let's get back to the joke that has to do with the title.

It is said that a Brazilian construction company was carrying out a large project in the United Arab Emirates, but due to the shortage of manpower, it decided to take employees from Brazil.

Already on the plane to their destination, all the collaborators were in a tremendous euphoria, not only for the fact of getting a job, but also because, for most of them, it was the first time they were flying.

It was a smooth trip until just before arriving at the airport, when, due to a system failure, the pilot had to make an emergency landing in the middle of the desert. To avoid panic among passengers, he chose not to inform the procedures.

Being an experienced pilot, he managed to make a smooth landing and immediately informed the tower of his location and waited for everyone to rescue him.

It was at that moment that one of the passengers, believing that they had already reached the end of the trip, looked out the window and, amazed, turned to the friend next to him and exclaimed:

- Friend in heaven, we're screwed! Take a look outside and see how much sand there is. Just imagine when the cement arrives!

Jokes aside, I say that I am a fan of the builder profession because there is a very strong relationship between building a house and “building” a life. Both are born from a dream, but we know that to come true it takes a lot of dedication and effort. There is a saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. In life everything has a price to pay.

The builder does not act on impulse, there is a plan, a project that will give you guidelines for each stage. This gives you direction and determines the goal of what you want to achieve.

In life it is also no different. If you don't have a life project that gives you meaning, it's hard to find your mission and purpose. You will go around in circles. I have a saying that I use a lot in my lectures: those who don't know where they're going, don't know where or when they're going to arrive.

Nor can a construction be made without choosing a firm ground, nor can you give up a good foundation and a solid foundation. Quality materials make all the difference so that it can withstand weather and time. If you don't take this care, everything can come crashing down.

In order to have a full and successful life, we cannot give up building it on the firm ground of good values, based on ethical and moral principles. Positive beliefs and motivation give sustainability and longevity to this purpose.

You will hardly see a builder working alone on a construction site. There is always an engineer or architect doing the creation and supervision. A team made up of master builders, bricklayers, electricians, decorators, servants and many others, together in transforming the project into a house.

So are we. We also need the Great Architect to take care of us, giving security and meaning to the “construction” of our life. There are also those who are placed in our paths. They are very important to help us in this arduous mission of building a life that is good for us, but that mainly serves as a reference and also helps other people to build theirs.

One of the qualities of the builder is that he is not limited to building, he is often forced to deconstruct and rebuild as well. He is aware that this endeavor is much more difficult and laborious, but even so, he does not give up. It's breaking walls, it's rubbish to be thrown away and a lot of dust. Anyone who has been through this knows what a hassle it is. But what motivates the builder is knowing that it's all worth it, because in the end a beautiful work will replace the old one.

Sometimes in life we ​​also have to make this decision to break paradigms and throw away our limiting beliefs. Cleaning up everything that holds us back and prevents us from discovering that we can succeed. Even if it causes a lot of pain, we shouldn't give up. Everything is valid when the objective is to “deconstruct” to “reconstruct” a happy and better life.

The American writer and futurologist Alvin Toffler in his book “Future Shock” says: the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Paraphrasing the writer, I can say with certainty that we are all a project in constant construction, deconstruction and reconstruction. Be open to change. This is one of the secrets of a successful life.

Believe that your current situation is not your final destination. Every dawn God gives us a new opportunity to write a new success story.

Eduardo Martinez, Dr. Motivation, CEO of Top Training Trainings and Lectures, Speaker, Writer and Specialist in People Management.

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