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You probably know people who could have the best, present the best results and achieve great success, but they don't.

Unfortunately, the world is increasingly becoming overloaded with companies that fail to profit because they have unhappy professionals on their staff. Professionals, who stopped dreaming for not getting enough finances to manage.

Have you ever imagined not being able to offer the best for your family, or not being able to make the family's dream trips?

Research still proves that the lack of happiness makes people unhappy, less productive and consequently less profitable.

And where to start to reverse this situation? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Have positive thinking and attitude. Because thinking positively will make your brain project forces, energy so that what is being desired actually happens. The strength of having positive thinking will generate a lot of happiness, as your attitude will always be in the direction of positivity. And when we are happy, it is proven that we are smarter, more motivated and consequently more successful. If you encounter fears on the way, face them with attitude, because only then will you reach the realization of dreams.

Step 2: Get away from people with unhappy thoughts, people like that want and want you to join their team. Being around unhappy people is contagious. Aaron Beck, father of behavioral psychology, North American psychiatrist, wrote that wherever there is a negative person, he has the power to contaminate thirty around him.

Step 3: Unfreeze the heart. Loving more is one of the significant steps towards focusing on the human being and comes well before wanting results. By honoring life and those who gave them, we already have reasons to love, but in the course of the journey and along the trails that life puts us, we forget to put love and value, we forget feelings and pleasures, intensifying more and more negative emotions that inject our ice heart. As a consequence, arrogance, sadness, disappointment, bitterness take over and production decreases.

Step 4: Believe in yourself. We all have transformative power, incredible potential. But we accommodate in the famous line of the comfort zone and we prefer to observe than to act. Because in order to act it will be necessary to be uncomfortable, to shake and to move, and that frightens me.

Count on me, come to the happiness team that brings results. Yes, it is possible. Yes there is a practical method, yes you can.

Happiness that transforms make it your priority.

Diana Ceolin is a Speaker, Mentor, Businesswoman, Civil Servant and columnist for Gente Mais Portal

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