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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Of course, a lot of joy, after a selection process with a lot of fans and doubts about the result, UFA was informed of my approval.

It is important to have an attitude of overcoming the established goals, being accessible, fitting in with the Group, respecting the hierarchy, checking where the threats and opportunities are, seeking your growth with continuous learning and respect for everyone, getting to know the company's culture, their values ​​and adapt to them. Strategies are always welcome, like pleasing without being noticed, how to assume responsibilities and be interested in new learning, but be careful, don't get ahead of anyone, go calmly and deliberately, but show interest. Present projects, works without being asked, this attitude will show that you are interested and have initiative, in addition to being curious, which is good. Stand out for your kindness and education, help everyone even those who don't like you so much, do your part because recognition will come. The policy of rice and beans, of good neighborliness, are important and yield good results. Many times we believe that we are trying too hard in relation to the position and the remuneration, do not worry, continue with your interest, it will give you good results soon. Serene, balanced, without pride, vanity, intolerance, without participating in small groups, without speaking badly about the company or its manager, that is, speaking in vulgar language, keep to yourself. Take good care of your Professional Career, are you the only one responsible for it, evaluate your peers as they are? Compare the achievements of those in your age group, see what level you are at, on average, above or below and move if you are not at the same level. Is there any graduation, specialization, Post or Masters/Doctorate, Languages, any more knowledge in informatics? Make an inventory not only academic but also professional and personal, it is very important and necessary for decision making. No self-indulgence or lethargy, plant and reap. Hands to Work is what is required. Set a deadline for your growth after exceeding goals, negotiate with your Manager and assess whether the challenges, position, remuneration and waiting time are within your expectations, and then make the decision. Disconnect and look for new challenges or stay until an opportunity arises. Weigh well. The Professional Career, as I have already mentioned, is yours, do not delegate its administration to anyone. Be HAPPY and GOOD LUCK.

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter, Director of Pedro Morbach Training and Events, Motivational Speaker and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.


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