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Updated: Jul 26, 2022

It doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur, someone at the head of a team or just

manage your career. Peter Drucker's phrase is real and effective for all situations:

“Management is doing things the right way; leadership is doing the right things”

Leadership is the ability to influence a group to achieve goals. It is related

how to make people understand and believe in your vision and make them

work with you to achieve your goals.

Management is the set of processes that keep an organization running. To manage

is linked to tasks, processes, time management to get things done

happen the right way.

Stephen Covey says that “effectiveness, and often survival, does not depend solely on

of how much effort is made, but whether we are making this effort in the right place”. Per

That's the importance of leadership

To lead is to relate, help, serve, evaluate people in a positive way,

bring out the best in everyone. Management is focused on tasks, deadlines,

projects and results. The leader is the one who “leads” the people who will generate these

results. Leading and managing walking together generate excellent results not only

for the organization, but also in the personal and professional life of the individual. one adds

value to the other.

Businesses and teams will not function well if only the manager's role is

carried out effectively, that is, its work of controlling the results. This, because if

the people who are going to execute it are not motivated and committed to their

tasks and with the organization's objectives, they will have rework and low productivity. O

success in management does not compensate for failure in leadership. hence the big

importance of developing your leadership

A good leader makes the person feel at the center rather than the periphery of the team.

Each employee feels that he or she makes a difference to the success of the organization. When this happens, people feel centered and it gives meaning to their work.

On the other hand, effective leadership, with a committed, motivated and

a good organizational climate, needs to correctly carry out internal controls,

operations and data analysis. Problems in internal processes compromise the

viability of the business, generating losses and affecting everyone.

To take another step towards being an effective leader, you must be mindful of vision,

integrity, team building, communication, inspiration, continuous learning,

humility, relationship building, risk taking, reward and

recognition. But this is a subject for other articles.

I believe it is important to end with a personal reflection. taking into account this

differentiation, think about your life and answer: have you been a manager or leader of your

life? And what about your career? In your work, it doesn't matter if you are an entrepreneur

or intrapreneur? Do you want to become the leading protagonist of your story, leaving a

good brand where to go?

The changes that occur today in the different areas of our lives, mainly in the

professional scope, require leadership first, then management. IT IS

important to have a compass, to know the right direction (leadership), and then analyze,

evaluate data and do whatever it takes to get there (management).

It is essential that each one, “individual person”, be a leader and manager of himself, of his life.

It is critical that the focus be on “doing first” what is most important. Here comes the

discipline and the will to do the best. In this case, MANAGE the acts,

behaviors and results. However, it is also necessary to keep in mind “what is

most important” to be in the right direction; thus, being LEADER of one's own life towards

to their goals in line with their own values.

Édila Souza Executive Educator and columnist for Gente Mais

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