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LEADER, can you be humanized, welcoming and value people?

Can and how can. I know leaders who are used to each achievement of their group, get together in different ways and celebrate the results obtained, whether at a happy hour, a pizza, a dinner or other forms of celebration.

This behavior strengthens the team's bonds of friendship, values ​​the effort, encourages new initiatives and promotes acceptance regardless of the position they hold. The reward of effort in achieving and overcoming results allows the leader to be engaged with his work group. I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me a few years ago.

I was visiting a technology company in the South Zone to present a job proposal and, when I was in the President's office, I was informed by him that if we had to be away for a few minutes it was for a noble cause. I didn't understand, but we started our presentation. At one point, a bell rang and everyone in the company went to a central location on the floor that looked like an alley and was higher than the normal floor. It caught my attention when accompanying the President that everyone indistinctly went to this place regardless of what they were doing, including the two telephone operators, as one stayed in the normal service, to hear what a collaborator who had a suggestion about some work of the company. Everyone heard the proposal, which didn't take 10 minutes and we went back to our commitments.

I considered this behavior innovative, as everyone in this company following the President has the right to speak and be heard with great respect, and receive adhesion on what was presented and informally receive suggestions on how to improve the content of the project. Freedom to propose, everyone from the highest position to the simplest position leaves their activities and heads to this space, with great objectivity and discipline to participate in the event. I noticed that when the bell rings no one delays or makes an excuse that they are on the phone or on the Internet.

If someone is external, they will receive information about what was dealt with and with details, when they return to the company. Note that not even the President knew what would be presented, all are co-participants and can help the proponent to develop and implement his idea.

With this style of democratic leadership, employees feel motivated, as the company values ​​the spontaneous contribution of everyone. I was surprised and convinced that it is always worth trying and creating spaces for everyone to speak freely.

Pedro Morbach works at Pedro Morbach Training and Events as Head and Job Hunter, Motivational Speaker and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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