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Everything that can or should be imitated; model

The leader does what his followers expect him to do, so that they can develop each day.

Be an example to be followed and you will have a battalion of followers. You want committed employees, so show enthusiasm in your attitudes, having consistency between your words and your actions.

Practical Strategy:

Make decisions congruent with your values ​​and carry out activities and tasks in accordance with your character.

“Setting an example is not the best way to influence others. Is the only one."

Albert Schweitzer

Offering positive examples as a leader will help you inspire those you lead!

The High Performance leader does not wait for things to happen, he has the attitude to make it happen and does not miss any chance to make a difference, for the company and especially for his employees.

It's not enough to have knowledge, develop skills if you don't have the attitude to put into practice the daily actions that will improve your results.

Be aware of changes at all levels, maintaining a good relationship with all sectors of the organization.

Practical Strategy:

Contribute to the growth and development of all the people in your circle of coexistence, know that the law of attraction will return double to you.

“The way God answers your prayers is by bringing opportunities into your life”

Mário K. Simões

Being an attitude leader will help you inspire your followers!

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Mauro Moraes is a Specialist in Personal Development and Leadership and a columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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