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Save and invest every month

Much has been said about the importance of saving money. Little is taught in practice, how to do it. Maybe you believe that saving money means not enjoying many happy moments, not going to the coffee shop you love so much after a tiring day, not having a barbecue on the weekend, or even refusing to buy that dress/shoes that wanted so much. When, in fact, small perks like these will never make you richer. And it's not even for the value, but for the mindset.

About mindset, it is crucial to understand that it all starts there, in our thoughts and beliefs. It is impossible to become prosperous without molding your mind first. Note that happy moments are investments in yourself. They cooperate for your well-being, your belief in worthiness and strengthen you to remain firm in day-to-day projects.

So, after understanding that saving is not about not doing everything that makes you happy, changing your way of thinking, things will start to flow. Now you come to understand that your purpose is something greater.

It's time to start investing your time in studies and learning about income, maybe create a source of income, maybe start investing in a certain bank, buy stocks... !

And besides, I want to leave you here today 4 tips that I recommend for those who want to start saving, it may seem like an impossible mission, but some simple changes in everyday life can have a positive impact on your budget.

1- Know exactly what your monthly budget is and, if necessary, reorganize your finances.

Almost 40% of Brazilians recognize that they spend more than they earn, while 55% admit they are always in the red, according to a survey released in 2020 by fintech Comprocerto Certo.

The obvious needs to be said, but it's good to remember that you have to spend less than you earn.

Write down all your income and expenses, it can be a spreadsheet, notebook, a cell phone application or whatever is easier to analyze in your daily life.

2- Learn to say no.

This is not the same as eliminating your social life, but recognizing that one event or another will run out of your financial capacity. Talking to family or friends about your desire to save also helps and eases your discipline.

3- Create a financial goal

A medium to long-term plan, with well-defined goals, works as a daily motivation to save money. Think of something “big” that you really want, such as an exchange program, a graduate degree, a car change, surgery, a party, etc. Define the value and how much time you need to make that dream come true. Setting that goal brings additional motivation than simply putting money away without a planned goal.

4 – Start investing

Keeping the money under the mattress or leaving it sitting in the checking account does not make it profitable. It is important to know the market and understand a little bit about each type of investment, so you can diversify your investment portfolio and reach your goals with greater speed.

Now that you have the tools to start saving, take good care of your money. This way you guarantee a future with more achievements and fewer grips.

Cris Jesus is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Business Mentor and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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