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Self-esteem linked to happiness

In recent times, we have received an overload of information, both in relation to the news and the excessive use of social networks. Work overload and new work methodologies. Conflicting methodologies, more and less relevant information, which we consciously and unconsciously register. This ends up interfering a lot with our thoughts and behaviors.

You probably know people, colleagues, friends, family members or maybe you've been through or are going through a similar situation. Where, the explosion of feelings takes over in the face of a challenge presented. Where the adult EGO (reflection) is no longer in a special place. Where mental illness takes on a gigantic dimension, often uncontrollable.

You probably know people who, in the rush of everyday life and under emotional pressure, prioritize the inversion of values. They put aside self-care, they put aside pleasures, friends and family. Every day they absorb more of the negative, making unnecessary and harmful comparisons.

The cause of this is the unbridled release of fears and the lack of balance of Emotional Intelligence.

Therefore, our mission here is to make you face so many problems, you can reflect, absorb this content and at the end of this reading, find alternatives, solutions and be very happy.

The American psychologist Martin Seligman, created in the 90s, in the United States, the so-called Positive Psychology. He called “authentic happiness” the one that must be cultivated every day with a lot of humor, optimism, humility and kindness.

Therefore, we all seek the realization of our dreams constantly, but many times we forget that success is a consequence. Happy people achieve success much faster. Whether personal success, family or professional success.

Therefore, the first teaching that Martins Seligman writes is: Happiness is a road and not a destination. This means that you will be projecting happiness into the future. And not. Happiness makes you face the problem with balance and wisdom, making it just a new learning.

For this, we have prepared five steps for you to lead this moment with excellence:

I. Believe in yourself. You have a gigantic power of transformation and it's up to you to put it into practice. In some moments of life, we try to hide this power, finding culprits or saviors. Following the internal dialogues and fears and with this burden, we retreat. It is easy and comfortable to remain where we are, the difficult thing is to face the WILL. In Matheus 25 - Parable of the Talents - It says: Multiply. God has given each of us powers of transformation. But sometimes we expect the other to do what I know, which is inside me.

II. Avoid comparisons. Each of us is unique, molded to perfection. Possessor of incomparable wisdom. The biggest mistake human beings make is to compare themselves. Because when comparing ourselves, we direct our focus on the other and forget about ourselves. Comparison is an unnecessary waste of energy.

III. Get ready. Taking care of yourself helps you to be at home, with nothing to do, take care of yourself, get ready. There's nothing better than looking in the mirror and feeling good about who you are. Take care and tidy up your inner field.......

IV. Shield your mind to the negative. Hundreds or thousands of people project negativity daily, it will depend on whether you are the receiver. It will only and exclusively depend on you. In other words, what “Mary says about João is more about Maria than about João.” Therefore, it will depend on whether you absorb the information or return the person.

V. Be Grateful. Exercise gratitude. Grateful people don't see problems, but rather, they see a new challenge, a new learning.

Happiness make it your priority

Diana Ceolin is a Speaker, Mentor, Businesswoman, Civil Servant and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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