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We live with a great shortage of champion leaders.

When we talk about business, we talk directly about team building.

Many teams feel lost because they don't have anyone to set an example or lead the way.

A lot is said about leadership, but we have few people being inspiring leaders.

I will share with you 6 skills that I consider essential for you to be a champion leader:

1. Has Vision: Great leaders are visionaries, they can see years ahead, and with their enthusiasm they move the team in this direction;

2. Know how to listen: Champion leaders have powerful active listening. They can understand much more than what people say. They listen without judging, criticizing, accusing or condemning;

3. Set an example: I once heard the following phrase “your example speaks so loud that I don't hear what you say”. A leader who does what he says is certainly a leader people look up to;

4. Has strong values: The champion leader has very strong values ​​and principles. They don't negotiate their values ​​or break them. They inspire people by their positioning;

5. Build together: The champion leader creates the vision of the future, but always brings the team to build together;

6. They are humility: Jim Collins in the book Built to Win says that the greatest competence of a leader is humility. Humility in recognizing when they make a mistake. Humility in changing behaviors and attitudes to achieve the company's goals.

Rest assured that by developing these skills you will be a champion leader and will inspire your team even more.

If you want to know more about my lectures and mentorships send me an email to or access my social networks @ALVAROADAMOFICIAL

My mission is to put your company at the top of the Podium!

Álvaro Adam is a Specialist in High Professional Performance and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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