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The Competitive Professional and Integral Health

Yes, we are reinventing ourselves and we will reinvent ourselves more in the coming years. In previous articles I mentioned that companies are increasingly demanding that professionals be competitive, that is:

Dedicated, determined, enthusiastic, daring, persevering, optimistic, interested, creative, multifunctional, multicultural, competitive, adaptable and able to face uncertainties working in a team/group, with mastery of existing technologies and open to new ones that are coming, high sense of organization and planning, generalist vision, general culture, excellence in internal and external customer service, languages, international experience, very focused on surpassing goals and results, flexible, understand economics, know the companies and their areas of activity (curious ), get to know other TOP companies in the world and their culture, be aligned with your academic and professional background, well connected (network of contacts/relationships), reader of works in your area of ​​expertise and in general. Of course, we can mention as a complement that he is a solidary, fraternal, humanist human being, not neglecting his INTEGRAL HEALTH (PHYSICAL AND MENTAL). I know many very talented people sidelined by depression, anxiety, panic and stress. Health care is fundamental and a priority.

Many will be revolted by the demands of companies, I recommend that they acquire the skills they require. Companies cannot be condemned for wanting the best professionals in the market, but it does not recommend exaggerations that are later not feasible in the performance of activities, generating dissatisfaction and frustration in the employee. I have said that competitive professionals make the difference, produce quality in every sense, make the company TOP in the market, being differentiated there are better results, better investments generating growth with shareholders satisfied with the gains obtained. Of course, everything that has been commented requires a modern Human Resources policy in all areas, as hiring, maintaining and allowing a successful horizontal and vertical career will make all the difference.

Think about it, get to work, don't waste time, transform your company into a big company and not just a big company.

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter, Director of Pedro Morbach Training and Events, Motivational Speaker and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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