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The difficult art of investing

This week I've been thinking about how it's been increasingly difficult to invest, for many of my clients and I haven't just been talking about money, I've observed human behavior more and more interested in having everything for now, immediately.

I buy a course today, I already want to have the result tomorrow, or if possible today.

Does this have to do with our training? How have we educated our children about investing time, resources, efforts, patience, in short, how has our own behavior been in relation to investing?

Setting goals, pricing and adopting a time and resource plan suited to your profile can make your life better. All this has become the difficult task of investing.

Well-crafted plans lead to plenty. But the hasty always ends up in misery.

Proverbs 21:5

I really like this biblical proverb that talks about investing your time in planning, use a reflection in my talks – whoever fails to plan – has already planned to fail.

Before I start, here are my valuable guidelines on how to beat this process and simplify investments, I want to ask the following question:

What do you need to start investing?

Before you start investing your time or resources, it's important to remember to organize things.

I usually say that it's no use mopping the house without sweeping, you'll just spread the dirt and cleaning won't be good. Investing is the same thing, so here are my valuable guidelines to get you started and never give up or stop halfway.

How investing has become an easier task for me:

1. First, setting my goals. If you don't know where you want to go, anywhere will do. Most of my day is focused on getting results for the company and my clients, but I always want more than that.

Thus, I set some personal goals to seek results for my life, bringing satisfaction, fulfillment and even challenges. Thinking in this way, the task of investing does not become so difficult. Knowing what your goals are, the best way to earn money is, first of all, to know your investor profile. If your challenge is investing time – setting the goal also helps you understand how much time you need to reach that goal.

2. It is essential to carry out a financial or time plan to, with it, plan to invest. And programming is synonymous with commitment, that is, creating the habit of investing every month as if you had a bill to pay. After all, you want to achieve your goals, right? If it's like that with the company, it's also like that with us.

3. For starters, you don't have to go for such a long-term goal as thinking about retirement. Investing can also be: making your money grow to buy something you want: taking a course, buying an apartment, having a party or even taking a trip.

The difficulty of investing has to do with human behavior that goes beyond financial matters. In the past, people struggled every day to survive and lived with little, as the average age was no more than 35 years old. They died too soon and didn't have time to plan for the future.

With the increase in life expectancy we will need more resources and we cannot depend only on our social security for retirement. Therefore, the importance of financial planning for the future, so we are not caught by surprise without resources, generating frustrations, shaking our emotional and generating guilt for not having started this planning before.

You must be asking yourself: “But what money to invest with? There's nothing left!” Investing time to study something? "I'm out of time", now I ask you: is there really not enough time? Can't you reserve 10% of your salary on the day the money falls into your account? You don't get 30 minutes a day to invest in a course or in your health, like physical activity, for example. With a little effort in priorities and you'll soon have a life you've always wanted. Try it!

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind..."

Romans 12:12

It's not easy, but it's worth the encouragement and what I would like with this article is to generate transformation even if it's a small change in your mindset today.

Cris Jesus is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Business Mentor and columnist for Portal Gente Mais

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