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The Leader, Management and its effects on employees.

They say leading is easy, is it? I have seen in the work I do in Career Transition or as a Head Hunter, that many professionals complain that they were not satisfied with their Leader and their Management.

The comments range from injustices, undue demands at work, disrespect, lack of dialogue, arrogance, pride, vanity, talk a lot and refuse to listen, intolerant, impatient, overly demanding and not very concerned about the quality of life in the environment. of work.

Normally, the promotion to a leadership position must be accompanied, in addition to technical knowledge and academic training, as well as the preparation and maturity of the leader to deal with the group of collaborators who are often welcoming and sometimes not so much, as some teams are critical. , forceful, demanding and, if the Leader does not have the conditions and support, he may face problems in his Management. Many Leaders are promoted by technical knowledge, results obtained in their trajectory or by their academic training, but leaving aside behavior (personality) is sometimes to incur disharmonies and not harmonies. Some assessments that the Human Resources area provides can help a lot to identify/detect problem situations that may determine your access to the LEADER position or not.

A correct promotion and supported by the HR assessment tends to support the Leader as a transition period as long as they are not relevant, allowing their leadership to promote healthy, human and supportive environments that will contribute to the achievement of goals and results. If the promotion is carried out without the support and due concerns already mentioned, group dissatisfaction, little contribution, unstable climate and, mainly, the lack of motivation towards work may occur, generating concern for the emotional side of all those involved.

Problems such as anxiety, panic, stress, depression have been reported and deserve special attention before they become serious. There is no money that pays for your freedom, balance, tranquility, satisfaction in going to work HAPPY and joyful, knowing that your efforts will be recognized and rewarded by a Leadership that is participatory, welcoming, human and that considers itself one more in the team irrespective of the position held. I always had Managers who gave me freedom, support, results to be achieved, structures and who were available to guide me in moments of indecision or need. I was privileged, I don't deny it. I believe that a good dialogue and not the acceptance of non-standard behavior, can allow an adjustment in the relationship between the Leader and his Group. Worth trying.

Pedro Morbach is Head and Job Hunter, Director of Pedro Morbach Training and Events, Motivational Speaker and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.


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