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The changes and transformations that our society has been experiencing in recent decades have been so powerful and occurred in such an impressive way that they impact how we live, work, communicate and relate to each other and the world in which we live.

To what extent do these changes pose threats or opportunities to our personal and professional lives?

Are you prepared or getting ready to follow all this? Will there be time for you to adapt and insert yourself in this new reality?

Reflections and discussions have arisen about the implications that occur in our life in all its dimensions and about which changes we can consider threats and which are considered opportunities.

It is known that many people do not like, are afraid or are scared of changes, because a life-changing process can be uncomfortable. Changes in general cause apprehension, concern and demand that you get out of complacency.

However, changes have always been part of human reality and are essential for our personal and professional evolution and improvement. There are some people who are able to adapt more quickly to the new, while others resist and prolong the process. Those who manage to step out of their comfort zone and manage the changes in their lives are sure to succeed.

We are aware that every change process brings threats and opportunities. But what the emerging world promises us is much more opportunity than threats. New possibilities are emerging with scientific and technological transformations.

The job market every day has been affected by new technologies. Although many activities and professions are being extinguished, many will adapt and others will emerge along the process. Professions that do not yet formally exist are already underway in advanced universities training professionals for the market.

Organizations have already realized that the transformation process only happens through people. And, therefore, one of the great challenges today for them to survive and remain competitive in the market is to change people's minds, make them more efficient, more integrated and engaged, more productive, creative and innovative.

Anyone who doesn't want to be left behind, wants to be valued by the market, shouldn't waste any more time. Those who do not change, do not update themselves, are doomed to stagnation or failure. The secret is the search for constant renewal. Learn to manage changes constructively to your personal and professional life. So start preparing yourself with new knowledge, new skills and capabilities.

We need to understand not only how to survive or adapt to change, but actually promote progress in our lives in all its dimensions. Being attentive, expanding our perspective on reality, keeping up to date, in order to take advantage of the new possibilities and opportunities that present themselves.

It is important that we are all aware that change is something for which everyone needs to be prepared and face it not as threats, but as opportunities to reinvent themselves as a person and as a professional. Changes awaken us to action. They call us to act. It's an opportunity to redefine our values, to redefine our responsibilities, to redefine our personal journey.

Human beings are endowed with multiple potentialities that, if developed, allow them to adapt, improve, in other words, BE MUCH MORE.

Luiz Amorim is an entrepreneur, coach, life and productivity mentor, professional speaker and columnist for Gente Mais Portal.

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